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Item #: SCP-677

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: State law allows for incidental racial profiling, by State district or National guard personnel. Additionally, Foundation personnel are to be allowed the authority to arrest, detain, or otherwise coerce suspected KKK members into giving up their information.

During a "cleardance reassignment", the whereabouts of Agent Goodman are due to be re-examined.

Description: SCP-677 was classified as Keter after a state border patrol intercepted a routine operation in which two individuals, one of whom an identified member of the Ku Klux Klan, attempted to cross the border into Montana. The identity of the KKK member was advertised as Agent Goodman, and the operation was well-attended by several hundred individuals, arriving from throughout the state.

A total of 1,785 individual individuals were arrested, mentally debriefed, administered class-A amnestics, and released. However, due to the insubordination of the agents involved, local law enforcement would have failed to identify the individual in question. No other individuals were apprehended, including the two that were apprehended.

An total of 1,056 individuals were forcibly removed from the border area, resulting in the deaths of 16,828 individuals and the destruction of approximately 58,000 dwellings, property, and assets. SCP-677 was deemed neutral in the aftermath.

The record of the incident and subsequent raid has been made available to Site-06's research team for review. Decommissioning of the border area is under consideration.


1. Ku Klux Klan offices

2. Foundation aware of Davis, Davis, Davis, Irvine and Phillips, and personnel actively chasing a suspect.

3. SCP-677 Agent Goodman was intercepted in 2004. Agent Goodman believed it to be an insignificant incident, had no reason to go to the local Klan office, and still attended without problem during that year.

4. Fire and explosion immediately following the operation was the result.

0. The insignia of the NC State Militia.

1. Currently 2,300, and counting.

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