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Item #: SCP-678

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-678 is to be contained within a stored locker. All personnel entering the locker must be informed of the existence of the item before turning it on. All testing must be run by a researcher wearing a helmet and associated with a .25m range and utilizing means of melee weapons.

Description: SCP-678 is a textbook treatise on the organization "The Church of the Broken God". However, due to SCP-678's small size, no organism of greater size or mass would float in the air in the locker. It is possible for individuals that walk around the locker to become part of the "holy" itself. Individuals can vanish into thin air if played correctly, but only during a specific confirmed or presumed event.

When the item is played correctly, individuals will lose conscious of their surroundings. After approximately 5 seconds, all individuals will vanish.

The player will then enter a statue-like, room-scale habitat.

Interview Log:

Interviewer: Researcher █████

Interviewed: Researcher █████

Foreword: The research team has been given permission to remove the artifacts from SCP-678's containment facility and record them for both scientific purposes and as part of normal research.

Researcher █████: Do you remember how old you were when you first came to the Foundation, ████ ██.

Researcher █████: I remember when you were already a researcher. In high school we had to make sure that we had a single containment room free of all the other rooms.

Researcher █████: So, we had to figure out a way to hide when we could keep some of these creatures alive.

Researcher █████: How did you begin you work?

Researcher █████: The first foundation figure. I was working as a researcher, but I think you call it a researcher now.

Researcher █████: I'm not sure why you and the research team would think so. The facility was just… stupid.

Researcher █████: You would see more, don't you?

Researcher █████: I guess.

Researcher █████: You think?

Researcher █████: The whole field. The Vatican, the Russians, even the Templars.

Researcher █████: In the Middle Ages. Don't you think?

Researcher █████: These are some of his works. Tell him, tell him, and I'll do the rest!

Researcher █████: Alright, discuss.

Researcher █████: The Church was always here. The Church, tormented. And many times they tried to make more.

Researcher █████: So, at the time, they say that they came here this way, and that they intend to contribute to this.

Researcher █████: So, that's why we found it.

Researcher █████: Wait a minute, why would they want to make things stronger?

Researcher █████: Because there are things that can destroy us, and if we see them, we are lost.

Researcher █████: So what do you say, "We seek to make this the end of the world", like that quote you saw on your website.

Researcher █████: I… I think you asked that question.

Researcher █████: So, the Church, I think they meant the "Church".

Researcher █████: What do you say?

Researcher █████: "Fifty years today, fifty years of blood and amnestics and human sacrifice and luciferous heresy. "

Researcher █████: I'm telling you, you're wrong.

Researcher █████: They… they didn't have a specific goal, just a "tell the world what to do", if you understand what we mean.

Researcher █████: I think you misunderstand. The Church didn't "tell the world what to do" they… they pushed strange things along.

Researcher █████: Things like this. The Church even tried to make the world more like "The Church".

Researcher █████: Yeah, I was there.

Researcher █████: You know what this means.

Researcher █████: The end of the world is coming.

Researcher █████: I don't think that's what you mean.

Researcher █████: The end of the world, this is it. He is the end of the world.

Researcher █████: When the end begins, the Church will take over humanity with the new religion.

Researcher █████: It was the end,

Researcher █████

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