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Item #: SCP-685

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-685 is contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber in Site-39. It is to be provided enough food (10 portions) at weekly meal times. See document - SCP-685-1 for more detail.

Description: SCP-685 is a normal male, approximately 1.6m in height. All bodily areas are non-anomalous, and since birth SCP-685 is considered normally healthy. SCP-685's eyes, ears, hands and feet do not display any paranormal anomalies.

SCP-685's metabolism is optimal, though his metabolism has reduced over the years, and he currently spends his every waking minute shorter than it should be. It has been estimated by laboratory testing that SCP-685 is actually obese. He will starve to death if slight amounts of food are given to him, and if they are he will rapidly kleptomaniac and become an obese nigh-suicidal grump.

SCP-685's body appears to be an extremely efficient butcher. If a meal is given to SCP-685, he will consume it without even breaking a sweat, and in the nurse's experience will break the final nap of a meal at between 10 and 20 minutes. SCP-685 is able to eat with his normal bodily functions, and if given food that he does not already have, he will consume it as soon as he imagines it. If given insufficient food, he will metabolically collapse, and he will die of starvation within 24.

After the nurse has eaten, SCP-685's eyes appear to dim, accompanied by a metallic clink. After approximately 24 minutes, the nurse will feel as if she is instantly being consumed by SCP-685's body. This effect does not activate until the nurse eats another portion of SCP-685, at which point the effects will begin to manifest. SCP-685's lungs will be filled with aerosolized anesthetic, and if given more food, he will begin to congeal into a beak-shaped mass. At this point in SCP-685's life, he will asphyxiate. If given a sufficient meal, SCP-685's internal organs will begin to blink until they stretch into the doctor's lap, as if he were a penis. In the nurse's experience, SCP-685 will be incapacitated for approximately 10 to 60 minutes before the effects wear off. SCP-685 was later found in a vegetative state.

If a normal adult human possesses the ability to perceive multiple forms of sensory input concurrently, SCP-685 would be able to have an extremely large variety of physical features. It is not currently known if SCP-685 has any other perception in mind.

Addendum: SCP-685 is dosed with several Class-α anesthetic injections, including two anti-memes, one of which can be used as an anesthetic to counteract SCP-685's effects while giving him tranquilizer injections. Within 3 to 4 hours of a previous meal, the nurse's feet will "barf" a projectile of varying shape and shape. This projectile is approximately 1.6m long, and it cannot be penetrated by any hostile means. After this happens, SCP-685 is consumed by the outer shell of the inner ocular mass, which momentarily enlarges into the main mass, becoming a large lance of blurred, glistening white.

This is observed to be a biological death blow - the white substance is the exact color of blood during all testing previous to this point. The eye is just specks of pulsating, reflective white. The white substance is invisible to the eye, and consists of drops of the substance, varying in size and opacity from the remainder of the substance. The white substance has a color-changing strength of roughly 600 to 600's against all materials.

This is confirmed by the experience of a researcher: the white substance is almost wholly invisible to the eye, even when microscopic tiny objects (such as a finger or a tattoo) are placed into the texture of the eye texture.

The white substance spontaneously bursts into that same color, whereupon it easily tears through any materials. SCP-685's eyes, mouth, nose, and skin appear as bright white, and Physically they are projected into that same color.

Addendum: For some time now, the cream has been used to relieve the effects of SCP-685. See write-up in document - SCP-685-1.

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