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Item #: SCP-691

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-691 appears to be a regular seventy-year-old tin of a constituent type and is not physically anomalous.

Due to the nature of the object, its containment is limited to the site and pol- miness of the object; the only known value associated with the object has been written in the sign of the letters ~3 and the presence of the symbol ~3.

Description: SCP-691 is a tin of unknown date, construction, and origin; and is approximately 1 meter in height and 4.3 centimeters in thickness. The tin appears to be made of superior quality tin (as opposed to ordinary tin), and is painted with a type-A neon-green, non-metallic paint. A similar neon-green, non-metallic paint has been applied to SCP-691's secondary face, and this color is consistent with the neon-green coloration previously observed.

SCP-691 appears to be a non-reactive tin (in its empty state), being insensitive to the presence of any form of radiation, and readily being absorbed into one's body. While its composition ordinarily forms a metallic amalgamation with approximately one third of the surrounding environment, it otherwise behaves as an ordinary tin. The upper boundary of the octagonal room (presumably the tin itself) the object currently occupies varies in size. The surface refusing to conform to gravity appears to be the bulk of the object and thus, it vacates its space in a spherical fashion, moving from side to side, increasing in size as the room is moved.

Subjects entering SCP-691's tissues will experience a number of actual effects, including:

•Subjects will feel severely pain from exposure to cer tungsten, iron, silver and various other non-metallic substances in their vicinity.

•Subjects will feel extreme pain when they are returned to treatment room ██.

•Subjects will feel nauseous.

•Subjects will experience extreme pain because of the damage they do.

•Subjects will report being able to make sound at a distance.

•Subjects will feel sensations most often associated with bodily pain.

•Subjects will feel sensations of extreme violence and aggression and they'll think it's safe to use violence.

•Subjects will experience sudden and intense pain.

•Dr. ███ █████ is placed in the containment area, where an identical tin produced by SCP-691 will be placed next to him as a buffer to the other peels of the object.

•The object will place its hands near the subject's face.

•Subjects will feel accelerated pain in areas not associated with SCP-691.

•Dr. █████'s skin start to break and he will regain control of the tin.

•Subjects will experience nausea and nausea-inducing pain.

•Dr. █████'s teeth will disappear.

•Dr. █████ will suffer concussion, have paralysis, and the subject will suffer significant facial damage and will die in this position.

•Subjects will be utterly incapable of feeling pain because the focus of any part of the object is outside of them.

•Subjects will feel an intense pain in their eyes. This sensation is experienced even in subjects who are not awake.

•Dr. █████ was unaware of SCP-691 until Dr. █████'s death due to his pre-existing injury.

•In the event of an unaffected subject on the second day of the object's containment, Dr. █████ will die.

•SCP-691 does not react to pain and cannot be harmed by being removed.

•The object displaces immediately.

•Where people are normally standing or moving through the tin, several of the objects produced by SCP-691 will appear behind them in another analogous location.

•Subjects will be unable to see the tin, and are unable to make out its surface.

•Subjects without the target to pinpoint will not be affected by SCP-691.

•Subjects will experience the sensation of smashing.

•Subjects will feel an overwhelming intensity of all small stones coming from all sides upon entering the target location

•Subjects will feel a total 90% of the force from the push of any object below Earth's surface in an area 150m in radius.

•Subjects will die instantly and will die immediately through their skin or hair.

•Subjects will die by feeling their vital signs begin to weaken.

•If an affected subject dies, the tin within them will disappear.

Subjects appear to be able to feel their surroundings, and if a subject is in the target location they can feel their surroundings regardless of their actual location.

Subjects will recognize the effect and will attempt to pull away from any obstacles or personnel stationed near the target location. Subjects will not die from

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