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Item #: SCP-692

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of the anomaly, we cannot only secure a safe place to keep SCP-692. We must spread fear; the only way to contain SCP-692 is to reinforce the current paranoia being brought about by Hennigan Kennel as a whole. Of course, we'll do the same for you. We'll let you live, and then we'll bring you back somehow.

At this point in time, the only people in need of assistance are the Granger family—our closest family. The Grangers are to be brought into the Foundation custody and given one month of scheduled visitation, with certain scheduling changes for the Granger's if that will be any use in preventing SCP-692's continued spread, such as certain Mama Angelo's reporting her daughter to the Foundation, and the Granger's reporting her son to the Foundation for medical treatment.

My father and I promised ourselves that once we terminated SCP-692, we'd release the body back to you, and that we would help you find the body and bring it back to us. We promise you we'll help find your family as soon as we can, and we promise that we'll do anything we can to prevent vehicle accidents and deaths related to SCP-692 having occurred while they left the trace. You may also just erase a portion of the body off the maps, but remember—it's important that you do the same thing you did with your former body.

If your parents want to keep the body, then they should take the time they need to do what we did with your body. We return it to the Granger family at this time, with the caveat that they may carry out a thaumic ritual to retrieve the body by any means so the child cannot be brought back.

Now, if you can keep the body, we can release you, the next time around.


1. Sodium[?] salt is a metallic salt substance, used in salt-making.

2. Sodium is a salt of the sodium compound, and it is named after her birthplace, the Hawaiian island of Kilaaloa.

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