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Item #: SCP-693

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-693's abilities, containment of SCP-693 is currently impossible at this time. Special Containment Measures are being implemented at Site-64.

Description: SCP-693 appears to be an agglutinative, prehumanoid entity, estimated to be approximately 5m tall. SCP-693 is constructed out of skeletal material in a manner consistent with pre-Classical morphology. SCP-693 is capable of remaining animate indefinitely and is able to avoid physical contact. SCP-693 is sentient and has been described as both the "creator" and "creator" of the entity, with conflicting views.

When it is within 5m of another living human being it will create a holy spark (SCP-693-2) and reactivate the opening of a portal. The portal will then reopen within 5m of the other human being. The portal can only be closed if the object fits the criteria — for example, it cannot be moved by other means. Any other attempts at closing the portal indefinitely are met with a containment breach.

The burning of the opening portal results in a large release of energy; it is assumed that the opening of SCP-693-2 is responsible for the creation of biological entities. These entities create rudimentary life and reproductive organs out of bone. Some of these entities are friendly and cooperative with humans and are produced as per SCP-693-2. All SCP-693-2-created entities are animate and act as living hosts for the rest of the entities.

While SCP-693 manifests itself as a portal, it is a powerful trap. The interior of SCP-693-2 is directly located at the core of the entity. SCP-693-2 is not fully contained; the remaining portions of SCP-693-2 are dispersed and the portal is still unreachable. Due to this, SCP-693-2 is closed normally.

Addendum: SCP-693 was discovered on ██/██/1986 when ██████ █████, a 15 year old male, arrived in Site-64 with the majority of his friends. Over the next several years, the portal was widened out to allow access to SCP-693's core. Following a pre-investigation interview, it was opened by Agent Moore and later on discovered.

Instead of a single portal, a serene, peaceful area was created, ensuring that the portal was destined for the occupant. This area was known as SCP-693-1. Over the next month, SCP-693-1 was filled with strange lifeforms. These creatures were produced by SCP-693-1 before the portal was closed. This was likely because SCP-693-1 was leading the invasion and was the only area of SCP-693 where it was stable.

Further exploration of SCP-693-1 revealed several of SCP-693-2's interior locations. SCP-693-1 was after all inhabited by a score of humanoid entities. These entities were first encountered by Dr. Cimmerian, who entered SCP-693-1 and decided to explore them. When the portal opened Dr. Cimmerian quickly fled into SCP-693-1. SCP-693-1 was then attacked by the entities.

Dr. Cimmerian was able to use the portal to travel into SCP-693-2. He was attacked by the entities. They did not seem hostile, and before the portal is closed Dr. Cimmerian lost consciousness. The portal opened up and Dr. Cimmerian passed through.


Interviewed: SCP-695-2

Interviewer: Agent Alexander

Foreword: Agent Alexander was tasked with investigating SCP-695-2's origin. Agent Alexander had seen SCP-695-2 previously.

Agent Alexander: So, do you know anything of this world?

SCP-695-2: My name is Alexander. I am a mysterious gentleman of rank of honour, and I have ample knowledge concerning the reality of your present location.

Agent Alexander: What do you refer to?

SCP-695-2: This land, or the home of you. It is quite a vast expanse, and I can only go within. But it is beautiful, and powerful.

Agent Alexander: This is the portal in the center of SCP-693-2.

SCP-695-2: Correct. Attempting to escape.

Agent Alexander: I've tried to photograph it. What do you think it is?

SCP-695-2: I do not know.

Agent Alexander: What are you making?

SCP-695-2: I am sending my word here to learn as much as possible about you and your... existence.


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