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Item #: SCP-694

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-694 is located in a secure lockers at Site-19 and has been previously reported by personnel to the police. SCP-694 is to be contained using standard lockdown protocols.

Description: SCP-694 is a key that is currently held by Dr. Gerald in his office at Site-19. The subject is ordinarily absent for the duration of SCP-694's presence, with no apparent need or trouble to procure SCP-694 and without wanting to do so. It is not, as far as anyone in the site's security personnel has been able to determine, the product of anomalous phenomena. It was claimed to have been retrieved from Dr. Gerald in an escape attempt in 1980 which ended only when the surrounding walls were pancaked by a worn-out security fence and the office's door was forced open. SCP-694 is normally kept in the same secure lockers as Dr. Gerald.

Addendum: Experimental Log

Subject: SCP-694

Procedure: Request approval of program 'Procedural Relocation'.

Results: This order is never acknowledged by Dr. Gerald, and is denied by MC&D personnel.

Notes: Subject is SCP-694's only permanent containment. Any attempts to obtain SCP-694 by any other individual would be considered a breach of protocol and cause an immediate and substantial breach of public safety.

Subject resumed notifying MC&D personnel of SCP-694's existence months later and permitted to move out of the phone booth. Two weeks later, after two more attempts by Dr. Gerald to retrieve SCP-694 have been cancelled, MC&D personnel attempt to obtain it again.

Addendum: Interview Log - 09/15/1986

Record of Interview

Interviewed: Dr. Gerald

Interviewer: Dr. Desmond

Foreword: Dr. Desmond held the SCP-694 key in Dr. Gerald's hand for the duration of the interview. The following paragraph discusses the anomaly under study since its discovery.

Dr. Desmond: For the sake of brevity, I'll only be asking questions that are relevant to the purposes of the drug-resistant aphorism. This interview has already been summarized. I'm just curious as to whether you understand me.

Dr. Gerald: How do you do understand me?

Dr. Desmond: Well, I have this business with the ones I run in my office. And I have some questions for you.

Dr. Gerald: Do you need me?

Dr. Desmond: Relax. You're human, I can understand you.

Dr. Gerald: I think I already have some: probably.

Dr. Desmond: I think I'm just going to ask a few questions.

Dr. Desmond: Alright. Alright. So, if I'm right, I'm glad to hear we're moving so fast.

Dr. Gerald: I don't think I have evidence pointing to the anomalous presence, but I should be glad for the reward.

Dr. Desmond: Don't you think?

Dr. Gerald: Well, given the things going on, I don't think I'm going to advance the wors-"

Dr. Desmond: You have some real questions.

Dr. Gerald: Really?

Dr. Desmond: I think you're tracking this story backwards.

Dr. Gerald: I've never tracked this thing before.

Dr. Desmond: …You know, I think it's exciting.

Dr. Gerald: I don't know what I'm going to do with it. I'd just like some answers.

Dr. Desmond: Fine. But if I never get these answers, I really want some.

Dr. Gerald: I'd like to get a shipping label attached to it. Just keep an eye out for it.

Dr. Desmond: Can you ship it?

Dr. Gerald: Yes.

Dr. Desmond: Could you be kind enough to put the packages addressed to your house on a separate day? I'll get them.

Dr. Gerald: You're out of my hands.

Dr. Desmond: I promise to do what you want.

Dr. Gerald: I’d like to get this back sooner than later.


The following is an interview conducted by Dr. Desmond to gain information on SCP-694.

Dr. Desmond: Why do you keep making these calls?

Dr. Gerald: It's a collection of unique anomalous items, I think.

Dr. Desmond: So you keep this number?

Dr. Gerald: Yes. The number works.


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