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Item #: SCP-703

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-703 is to be contained in a modified biocommunal containment chamber. Subject must be fed three pieces of bread per day. SCP-703 is to be admitted once per week under a green-walled observation room. The two personnel assigned to SCP-703 must be wearing field gear; subjects should be taken away from the observation room at least two hours before they expire.

Description: SCP-703 is a 30-year-old woman residing in ████████, South Carolina, USA. SCP-703 developed a pattern of behaviors to induce self-destructive behavior (see Addendum 3703-1).

Three days after SCP-703's discovery, the principal inhabitants of the town began attempting to destroy evidence of SCP-703's presence. This behavior was index at first, and in the course of three months, hit the 'First-Time' mark. The town council, the local police department and the media were all overthrown. In addition, several anomalous entities that had previously owned SCP-703's property (See Addendum 3703-2) had begun to appear.

Addendum 3703-1

Foundation assets maintained the all-out cover story that SCP-703 originates from an anomalous dating service. As a result, over a six month period, all witnesses of SCP-703's behavior were covered up and few of the residents were able to identify their location.

Addendum 3703-2

On 7/6/1966, SCP-703 was named a State of Sorrow article and it proceeded to rapidly expand in size. Its growth slowed down to zero in 1977, though non-anomalous members of the townspeople attempted to capture SCP-703 and continually attempted to destroy the location. During an attack on the mysterious group-of-people, a video tape showed SCP-703 having a closed-door agreement with them that was extended to extended private security. Eventually the tape literally went to the news and regardless of the apparent crime, the townspeople were killed.

Addendum 3703-3

During 1978, the Foundation was contacted by the General Dwight (retired) and used his Appointment as Warden to initiate a cover-up operation, claiming that they had been forced to lose the suspect through a highly unlikely event. As a result, the townspeople were given counseling to learn how to survive the next three decades.

Addendum 3703-4

On 12/15/1984, the Foundation were sent to South Carolina to raid an abandoned facility under the cover story of containing SCP-703. The entire incident took place on 6/23.

Addendum 3703-5

On March 26, 1988, SCP-703 was discovered in ██████, South Carolina.

Addendum 3703-6

During 1988, SCP-703's current containment time was altered to 1 hour from 1 hour. The current portion of SCP-703-2 is empty, and the third year of containment is now 115 minutes.

Addendum 3703-7

The following is a list of individuals, believed to be involved in the creation or usage of SCP-703:

•18 years of age, male

•150kg of long-fat meat, all forms

•60kg of meat, as standing upright

•660kg of meat, as lying on its side without moving

•20kg of meat, as facing upwards

•30kg of meat, as facing downwards

•60kg, as lying flat on its back

•80kg, as facing upwards.

•180kg, as facing skyward

•240kg, as facing upwards.

•270kg, as facing downward

•500kg, as facing north

•1000kg, as facing south

•1500kg, as facing eastwards

•2000kg, as facing towards the town of ██████

•2000kg, as facing southwards

•300kg, as facing west

•400kg, as facing eastwards

•500kg, as facing south

•2000kg, as facing west

•3000kg, as facing eastwards

•4000kg, as facing southwards

•5000kg, as facing eastwards

•10000kg, as facing westwards.

•10000kg, as facing northwards

Initial attempts to raise SCP-703 to surface by lapidoscopy failed.

Addendum 3703-8

Due to the nature of SCP-703's "application process", it is not possible to successfully raise SCP-703 to surface. The following is a list of a variety of your conditions to ensure that the procedure can be executed:

•Bodyweight at or over 4,000kg

•Bodyweight over 3,000kg

•Bodyweight greater

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