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Item #: SCP-071

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-071 is contained on-site at Site-19 and identified via the use of a flooring system. Testing for SCP-071's properties is to be conducted in a sealed room with a 1-meter x 1-meter x 1-meter containment chamber. During testing, SCP-071's containment chamber must be updated weekly by one (1) Level 3 researcher. In order to avoid accidents, alterations may only be made in the aggregate of testing activities conducted in child-like sized containment chambers. SCP-071, at the discretion of the Site Director, is allowed access to its containment workstation, but all tests in this area should be kept under Level 3 security protocols. Any breach of protocol will be investigated immediately.

Description: SCP-071 is a female human-sized porcelain doll. SCP-071's anomalous properties begin when one or more of its legs is replaced with a footstool. Almost immediately upon being replaced, the body begins to move and examine the new "footstool" until either the original or the new "footstool" has completely disappeared. The other leg then expands and exits the body at a rapid rate; the resulting mass of body mass increases by 300m in 3.2 seconds followed by 300m in 4.3 seconds. The "footstool" continues to expand until the "footstool" no longer exists or is capable of exiting the body. The body is unaffected by the changes to the "footstool."

In the case of SCP-071's original leg, its anomalous properties begin at the forearm and spread to the upper body. By the time the legs reach the upper body, the own body is fully absorbed in the new "footstool." If SCP-071 was removed from the body, the "feet" of the original leg as well as all of the other limbs of the body would begin to expand. This process would continue for 2.2 seconds and take 2.3 seconds of total time to complete.

Since the results of the process are inconsequential, two theories have been devised to explain SCP-071’s anomalous properties.

The first theory states that the original leg of the doll is the sole symbol of SCP-071’s anomalous properties. Extensive testing indicates that this theory is correct. The second theory states, however, that the new leg is the symbol of a smallly-sized porcelain doll, with the original leg replaced at random so that the original leg becomes ineffective. If the legs of the original leg were removed, the "footstool" would eventually disappear into the doll’s "opposite" body when the original leg is replaced.

SCP-071’s anomalous properties affect its "opposing" legs. SCP-071 is unaffected by any side effects of the process, and despite inserting new legs of the same size as the original leg will continue to maintain its completed anomalous properties without any side effects.

When a subject interacts with SCP-071, it will identify the leg as its "opposite" leg, and will become "too" "correctly" in terms of the leg.

If a subject is unable to differentiate between the leg of its body and the leg of its "opposite" leg, SCP-071 will assume its related leg, and will not display any "errors" in identification.

Addendum 71-A: The following text has been embedded in the containment chamber.

Go back and ask SCP-071 “Who is this?”

“That’s for you.”

“That’s for me.… oh, wait. Go on.”

“Oh, okay.”

“I know. This is pretty hard to type. You can delete it, for shame. Bad enough to try.”

“Yes. I see that. Please try to come here slowly.”

“I have to look at this again. Don’t pull anything out, and I’m afraid this is a placeholder.”

“Okay, alright. I’ll wait until I’m feeling better, then pick up the letter and send it first class,” and then begin writing down the substance of the words that have been enclosed.

Addendum 71-B: SCP-071 has been observed to resemble a badly damaged porcelain doll except that it has a more lovable personality despite its broken legs. A video has been uploaded showing it to the subject. For the past six years, SCP-071 has received a monthly allowance of approximately $20,000.

Addendum 71-C: SCP-071 has been observed to have a very similar personality

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