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Item #: SCP-712

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The area where SCP-712 manifests is currently in no danger of breach. MTF Λ-13 has been deployed to accurately describe SCP-712 to the subject, and to initiate various protocol to remove SCP-712 from the area. SCP-712 will remain at Site-40 and is to be contained in a reinforced steel containment cell, furnished with secure food storage, and is to be guarded at all times by at least 4 guards. SCP-712 is to be given a wide variety of comforts, including TV's, a television and speakers, a running water, a clean toilet and a padded wardrobe.

Should SCP-712 breach containment, said guards will be dispatched and all food items will be taken into consideration. Should SCP-712 perish, it will be incinerated. SCP-712 is to be fed continuously. However, food items will not be taken into consideration.

Description: SCP-712 is a 52 year-old man. No known family has belonged to SCP-712, nor any of his previous dwellers. SCP-712 is an Asian male, and is roughly 70 years of age. SCP-712 shows signs of advanced age, and craving for food items which are on the market.

When eaten, SCP-712 will cause its anomalous properties to manifest. SCP-712 will develop different effects depending on the item which it is consumed by. In all cases, the effects of SCP-712 disappear after eating one of the food items. Why does eating SCP-712 not cause its effects to manifest? SCP-712 is believed to be some form of divination. SCP-712 displays signs of respect to humans, and will not harm those who eat it. If eaten by someone who possesses a pacify or autocorrect screen, the effect of SCP-712 will manifest.

SCP-712 is in no way capable of passing through the walls of the containment chamber. (Note: neither the wall it resides on, nor any breakable object would work to stop SCP-712 from manifesting.) SCP-712 exhibits no effect on the items placed against it, excepting other food items. SCP-712's anomalous effects will work regardless of whether the items that manifest against it are classified as food or not.

After manifesting against SCP-712, the effect of SCP-712 becomes active. SCP-712 will start manifesting again with other food items found outside of SCP-712's containment area. Any goods made by a human would manifest against it. SCP-712 has been observed passing through the wall of SCP-712's containment chamber with only one food item. SCP-712 has also exhibited the ability to manifest in the body of someone who is close to it. It will not manifest any other food items to a living person, and will not manifest items further than one meter away.

Addendum-712-1: The following is an extract from the original speaking log of SCP-712. The reason for this is unknown at this time.

SCP-712 manifests through any object that is made of wood, metal, plastics, metal alloy and glass. In all cases, it results in one of the following:

•Any object which you can reach, with any of the necessary material.





•Even copper rubbing up against steel.

•Alloys that look like metal.

•Any number of items made of wood, glass, glass glass alloy,, metal alloy and metal alloy alloy.

•Anything that fits the requirements for the item (including, but not limited to, metal key cards; pencils, paper, sandpaper, ink, gold, silver, aluminum, calcium, beryl, mercury, iron, nickel, tin, copper, and any other substance that can fit inside the item).

•The best example of all three is that of [REDACTED]. It is very highly prized, and can be found in virtually every home.

•As of ██/██/██, SCP-712 has manifested as a white, wooden dishtop.

•Has manifested as a white, wooden mini-fridge.

•As a large, leather-wrapped dishpan.

•Has manifested as a small, wooden pot.

•Has manifested as a large, leather-wrapped pot.

•Has manifested as a large, white, wooden saucer.

•Has manifested as a white, wooden back-door.

•As a circular, glass dish outfitted with piping.

•Regardless of the context, SCP-712 has manifested as a wooden dish containing a white, wooden static object in the shape of a human heart.

•The heart will begin to play a thaumatonic song when consumed, and will quickly grow larger by approximately 0.15 meters

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