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Item #: SCP-715

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The site has been converted into a security perimeter. Underground level one is a subterranean level containing the entrance to the main levels of the Site.

To maximise containment of SCP-715, Site-57 is to be closed to non-Foundation personnel. During routine maintenance, sound levels in the containment chamber of Site-57 may be maintained, as they are anomalous.

Personnel deemed to be potentially susceptible to SCP-715-1 must be evacuated to Site-57.

Description: SCP-715 is a continuous observation chamber currently located in the main containment chamber (129A). It measures 2.5mx4.5mx2.3m x 2.3m. SCP-715 appears to have been constructed from normal grade concrete, and is equipped with a combination sound-producing and anti-persistent alarm system.

When a sound-producing alarm is activated, the chamber will be transformed into an observation chamber. This containment chamber is located at the bottom of the containment chamber, 5m x 5m x 2.3m. The purpose of this observation chamber is to ensure the observation of the audio and video perceptual effects of SCP-715, as well as a permanent cover replica of the audio and video perceptual effects.

The audio and video perceptual effects of SCP-715 have currently been described as being the only anomalous effect observed to occur during observation. As an example of SCP-715's perceptual abilities, a memory of the song of long-dead classical musician Mahler is clear to anyone with a standard conversation class. Their ability to recall sounds from the immediate vicinity of SCP-715 is reportedly as follows:

SCP-715 has an otherwise non-repeating song which ends abruptly at the statement "All's well that ends well, does not end well".

SCP-715-1 is a humanoid entity of indeterminate size, appearance and mass numbering between 2 and 6. SCP-715-1 resembles a shape-shifting monstrosity made from pressed concrete waste. SCP-715-1 claims to be the voice of a talented connoisseur of sound, although it is usually said to only be able to create music by repeating the phrase "All's well that ends well". SCP-715-1 has exhibited a previously unknown form of memory-congruence with other beings within SCP-715.

SCP-715-1 is able to be heard even under non-anomalous conditions: upon initial observation, SCP-715-1 is difficult to perceive but does appear to be a large, emotionally-charged concrete monstrosity. SCP-715-1 is often referred to as "The Head".

When SCP-715-1 is necessary, SCP-715-1 can summon a small black mass of brickwork to elongate to accommodate its own weight, and then make an unknown noise approximately 2.5m long, and 3.7m wide. SCP-715-1 then, by repeating the phrase "All's well that ends well, does not end well", seems to create an alternate reality in which SCP-715-1 is depicted as a human child standing on a stage in front of two long black barbed conduits. Each conduit is approximately 1m long by 1m wide.

SCP-715-1 then turns to face the panel on the other side of the observation chamber, and speaks the phrase "Everything shall be all" twice.

SCP-715-1 is a xenophobic, vitriolic and violent personality. Despite its highly hostile nature and personality, SCP-715-1 will not attack anyone who approaches it. During the event Nazism was about to be suppressed by the German impracticality. SCP-715-1 was an alcoholic, he had an unhealthy hatred for the Nazis and would rather see them exterminated before they could appear. Cricket: SCP-715's preferred form of communication.


•Furloughs to address SCP-715-1 have been instituted. Where possible, personnel have been directed to travel to SCP-715 before the operation is able to be executed.

•The containment of SCP-715 is not to be done unless absolutely necessary.

•When SCP-715 is activated, it must be considered destroyed; recording equipment is to be used as a precaution.

•Project N.J.P. is to be made as lasting as possible. SCP-715 must be left energised, and only used to avoid destruction of the situation.

•Permanent cover replica of the audio and video perception effects of SCP-715 must be maintained in case of SCP-715-

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