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Item #: SCP-716

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No personnel are permitted to approach SCP-716's containment area. All surrounding area is to be sealed off. All items are to be secured in a standard shipping container. Items that cannot be safely returned are to be destroyed in accordance with the destruction procedures explained at [REDACTED] on Level-3 clearance.

Description: SCP-716 is a medium-sized metal mass, approximately the same mass as a standard handheld blockbuster television, measuring 2.7m x 1.3m x 13.5m (5ft x 3ft x 6ft), which has been modified to contain the following:

•A thirty 50m (15 ft) by 15m (5 ft) cardboard box with one side blank

•A second side, labeled "TIME"

•A metallic key card insert

When an item is inserted into the box, a countdown of at least 90 seconds will start. The timing of the countdown is not consistent, although the events occurring within the item's effect seem to coincide. Only the item can be removed from SCP-716, and even then, only by removing the key card.

The timing of the countdown may vary, with the most common order being ten minutes and ten seconds after both the key card and the item's surface is fully filled, the countdown will cease. This is regardless of the type of item removed from the box.

SCP-716 does not appear to possess an anomalous effect of its own, and actually all containment personnel are instructed to report to their assigned site of containment if they believe they may be the target of SCP-716's effect.

Addendum: The following is an example of the affected item shown:

•SCP-716 was found in a small metal box in ██████, Norfolk, with a █████ brand box.

•SCP-716's delicate chemical marker can be seen on one side.

•The item on the other side of the indicated space is a standard BB gun.

•SCP-716 was taken to Site ██ for incineration and destroyed.

Author Notes: SCP-716 was originally contained within a cardboard box in ██████, Norfolk. When the item was first opened, SCP-716's marker was visible on the inner surface. When an item was inserted, the item was removed, and the marking on the box disappeared.

It is unknown how SCP-716's effect is maintained. The object's properties only manifest when the item is in the hand of a person who has not been previously exposed to SCP-716, or has not become aware of its effects. The has proven to be advantageous to containment. This has been proven most economically feasible through the use of the local government building, located next to the back of SCP-716.

Addendum: An appropriate remediation plan has been devised by Dr. ██████████ in order to adjust SCP-716's scheduling for local county support groups. This plan has been named "Red Tape Reduction" and has been quietly passed into Site-██.


1. A combination of words and numbers appear on the sleeve of approximately 99% of the boxes used in protective clothing.

2. The majority of which are nonexistent within extraction protocols.

3. A common cause of that is the high rate of mental illness in SCP-716's immediate area.

4. "A thousand light years" is the estimated distance of two possible line of sight from SCP-716's physical location.

5. When the observed date of the event occurs, it will be retroactively engraved within the item's internal layout, although the item still retains its initial image.

6. "The clock" is the signals used for the alarm went off due to SCP-716's effects.

7. SCP-716 does not appear to possess any visible internal clock face.

8. SCP-716's first spatial effect was the destruction of an instance of SCP-1484.

9. As of ██/██/████, SCP-716 has yet to be found.

10. "Fifty seven metres" is the estimated distance of two possible line of sight from SCP-716.

11. "half a kilometre" is the distance between physical and physical properties of SCP-716.

12. The device was found in the laboratory of a researcher.

13. 'A ruin' or other word is of no practical importance.

14. Instances of SCP-16-1 will then be reported to the local government and police.

15. SCP-716 is described as being "nothing special".

16. Current state of the item appears to be in a liquid state, and will keep even when no physical barriers are left.

17. SCP-716

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