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Item #: SCP-717

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-717 requires no special containment procedures to learn the language of, or understand the culture of (any) viewer.

SCP-717 is to be stored in a standard locker in Site-██. When security measures are in place, SCP-717 is to only be accessed by Trialist █████. Trialist █████ must be designated as Senior Researcher █████ for security purposes.

Evidence of SCP-717's non-a-sapient nature is to be discovered and reported to senior researchers and obtained immediately.

Description: SCP-717 appears to be a photograph taken by SCP-717's original author. It appears as if SCP-717 is a photograph of a person (SCP-717-1) or event within SCP-717's current location. No other person (including SCP-717-1) or event can be verified as SCP-717's content.

SCP-717-1 will be the sole survivor of the event and the only witness to SCP-717's existence in this photograph.

SCP-717-1 washes hands and feet with water and produces a red hue from his hands. SCP-717-1 resurfaces on SCP-717 and signals some of the following:

•Demonic symbols.

•A buzzing noise, under which SCP-717-1 will be shown displaying a choir of butterflies.

•The vibration of a musical shriek.

•An empty vivid dream.

•A corpse or animal with severed limbs.

•A decayed human head.

•Butterfly-shaped obsidian structures in the shape of an 8-pointed star.

•A distant electric current.

•Staggers in place.


•A wall made of naked blackbirds.

•Radioactive elements.

•The burning of an orange in the atmosphere.

•The necrotizing mold covering the entire body.

SCP-717-1 is referred to as SCP-717-1. SCP-717-1 is by all accounts a normal man of 36 years of age (polygons, geniuses, etc.), however, SCP-717-1's speech has deteriorated into incomprehensible gibberish. All attempts to communicate with SCP-717-1 have been met with failure.


Meeting █/██/████

From: Senior Researcher █████

To: Junior Researcher █████

Subject: Researcher's Note: Researcher a█████ and Researcher ██████ have met in person for the first time since [REDACTED] under highly stressful circumstances; SCP-717-1 washes hands and feet and produces a red hue from his hands to cover his face.

Interview Log 717-I/01

Interviewed: Junior Researcher ██████ (who viewed SCP-717)

Interviewer: Dr. █████████

Foreword: Researcher an A█████ had been teaching Junior Researcher ██████ how to use the SCP object to the full extent of his abilities, and was beginning to wonder why he never used it, because he had already given it a try and found it to be extremely useful. After this interview, Junior Researcher ██████ was ordered to remove SCP-717 from his locker.


Detail: The following is a transcript of a brief conversation between Junior Researcher█ and SCP-717's original author. Researcher A█████ was removed from residence that was observed to be SCP-717's current location. Researcher █████████ was instructed to give an account of the conversation frame by frame and observe Junior Researcher ██████' condition throughout the interview.

Dr. █████████: A█████, this is Junior Researcher ██████. I see you are in a similar state.

Junior Researcher ██████: That's true. I'm currently in a vegetative state, the manifestation of a rare disorder, which is why I was removed from my home.

Dr. █████████: Can you tell me what has happened?

Junior Researcher ██████: You got me. You get me, the scenario is much like what you mean by "researched" suspect, you know what I'm saying. The whole situation is almost as if someone or something is reading that part of the document.

Dr. █████████: What was it?

Junior Researcher ██████: My beard has been growing since I went to hearing. I don't remember anything

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