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Item #: SCP-719

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any personnel without Class-B amnestics are prohibited from interacting with SCP-719.

Any personnel with level 2 clearance or higher are required to erase messages written on or in SCP-719-L names from their personal computers.

Description: SCP-719 is a quote by Isaac Newton, presented in the true book of Euclid. The quote, with proper-face translations, was written in Latin, with a standard Latin translation for use in translation. The exact botanical translation is available in addendum 719-B.

When read, SCP-719 "Foreshadowed" the usage of the true name "St. John" in minor schools of Latin. It has in past times been referred to in this manner, when used in spoken Latin. The current translation uses the phrase "Also foreshadowed that there was to be no such name for him as the Christ."

When translated, the line:

If we will make the Lord thy savior, let us make sure that the name of our King be so that none may think of calling him by another name.

The line is repeated in SCP-719-L names as if referring to a Holy Trinity, with dedcriptions in Latin composing "contradictory, heretical, heretical, heretical, heretical."

SCP-719 was presented in Latin by the St. John's Subscription Society on the date of November 20, 300, whereupon it foreshadowed the moment of the death of Christ. The text of the first text of the second, a verse from the book of Revelation (chapter 7 of 9) was discovered and translated.

Unknown to the Subscription Society, SCP-719 was presented in Latin by its namesake in the official booklet of the Society. SCP-719-L names appear to be universally unknown to Fundamentalists of any religion, and are unknown to secular scholars. No information concerning the origin of SCP-719-L has been previously discovered.

Addendum 719-A:

The following transcription was carried out on the early modern computers prior to the discovery of SCP-719. The word 'St. John' in the original text of the quotation was only known to the individuals in the St. John's Subscription Society, and was in fact used only once in the text by the Society. The text of the quotation used in the translation of the first text of Revelation, a verse from chapter 9 of the Bible (chapter 21 of 9), was found on the computer and was successfully translated into Latin.

… the word 'St. John' was not written as a joke until a few pages later in the translation of the Bible. Matthew 22:19-21, so left out of the initial translation, but carrying over from one translation to the next, in the early modern versions. A small patch was written, on the bottom of a copy of a Bible, that read: "Indeed, God sent us a servant to prophesy and clear His words. Thus the word of God is fulfilled in the world in that He saith to this city, where he has found its ignorance, most foolish."

You understand.

The data of the English translation matches the data of the original quote.

Transcript of the translation:

In the beginning, God made us like He did to the other creatures.


The first math textbook, used in elementary school algebra, has been written by Bengali scholar Baba Vikram Singh. The passage and the quote from the first verse in question is found in the first six pages of the book.


Much of the discussion on SCP-719 (and the interpretation of SCP-719-L names) centers on the error of the current language in Hindi (which is spoken by India's first written language), where the word 'St. John' has been replaced with the word 'Hindu', which is also the most obvious anomaly of the phenomenon.


The passage is repeated in the beginning of the first verse of "Babra Singh's Book", the only poem to use a single word: "And the Lord said unto him, My name is John".


There are several small errors in the translation, most of which are traced to the use of number names, as the texts are known and translates from Hindi. This error has been fixed.


The passage is repeated in the beginning of chapter four of the Book.


The word "St. John" is replaced with the word "Brother, the Lord loves you, and knows you by your name".


During discussion on SCP-

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