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Item #: SCP-720

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-720 is to be transported to a secure facility in order to contain it indefinitely. In the event of a containment breach, all personnel are to immediately report to their respective containment team for immediate removal and destruction.

Description: SCP-720 is a purple colored singularity, and once within a small radius of SCP-720, SCP-720 will cease to exist.

When contained, an instance of SCP-720 will form, and will remain in selected locations for one (1) hour before disappearing.

SCP-720 will take the form of a 3m tall body resembling a humanoid figure. This body will remain active and will even take the shape of a human with its hands. SCP-720 does not require food, water or oxygen, and does not gregarious and easily agitated. SCP-720 does not seem to be sentient.

SCP-720 will never move and will not kill anyone who approaches it, nor will it attempt to induce other phenomena either. Object classes are suppressed by SCP-720, as well as anyone else in the vicinity of it.

The SCP-720 instance will take out groups of people in order to lure people to it with barking noises.

SCP-720 will briefly reappear in a small corner of the room, and then disappear into low-hanging branches of trees. Locals will report hearing the sound of the SCP-720 entity's footsteps, as well as a very faint sense of unease. Few reports of instances of SCP-720 have been made on the occasion of someone being silenced.

SCP-720 will appear within a 5m radius of where it was initially encountered, and will behave as if it is there at the corner of the room in which it is seen.

Addendum: If trying to bring SCP-720 to containment, it will turn itself in, and will, despite its appearance, be on the window. Any bystanders report "seeing" SCP-720 and will soon use any means to disarm it. Those who see SCP-720 will immediately begin various irrational behaviors, presumably to get rid of SCP-720. The interaction with SCP-720 is deadly and to report escapes completely, unless a more experienced person is present.

The SCP-720 instance will "eat" people, which it does by making noises and by moving within areas of it which it can see.

SCP-720 does not eat or drink, and only uses its hands to eat. If eaten, it will become animate, and will move along any available materials before disappearing. Some of the food it consumes appears to be completely deflated.

The SCP-720 instance will "eat" the victims with its mouth, and then exit through a small door the victim holds open. The victim's clothes will be dropped, as well as anything else they can. The SCP-720 instance will disappear after eating, and then disappear entirely.

Addendum: If the victim of the SCP-720 instance is young, it will always attempt to bring them into the instance. However, if the victim is old, it will merely put them to sleep.

At 12:14, the SCP-720 instance will appear within a 0m radius of the victim. It will begin barking loudly, barking and shouting an unknown number of gibberish phrases, until the victim hears the sound of the SCP-720 entity, which will then disappear.

Addendum 2: If used against people, SCP-720 will occasionally use a detonator to deactivate the target, but only if there is an active one within a reasonable range before the victim hears the sound of the detonator.

Addendum 3: SCP-720 will remove anything within a 7m radius of it from being damaged by it.

Addendum 4: If tried against architecture, SCP-720 will simply leave it in a heap of rubble and leave.

Addendum 5: If used against animals or strange or unusual entities, SCP-720 will leave them in a heap of rubble.

Addendum 6: If used against life, SCP-720 will leave them in a heap.

Addendum 7: If used against animals and predators, SCP-720 will leave them in a heap.

If used against life and our planet, SCP-720 will leave them in a heap.

If used against life and our world, SCP-720 will leave them in a heap.

If used against life, SCP-720 will leave them in a heap.

In the entire probability of this happening, the scenario of the residents of Site-19 containing SCP-720 is, in fact, the safest.

Addendum 8: If used against life, SCP-720 will leave them in a heap, and it is also the only way to bring them to safety.

Addendum 9:

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