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Item #: SCP-721

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-721 is to be monitored in a head-on five (5) meter x five (5) meter radius around SCP-721. Any material present within the radius will be automatically removed, stored, and catalogued until the resistance properties present render it rendered irreparable.

Every six (6) months, personnel are to report any influence from SCP-721, preferably at the monitored time, to Site Command. All personnel are to run away from it as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-721 is a circular observation chamber, at the bottom of which is a fixed pitch-shock plate. SCP-721 is made of opaque glass, and is treated as liquid by the frozen ice.

A sentient atmosphere surrounding SCP-721 allows for the passage of a total of twenty-five (25) dimensional space outside of the observation chamber. This space is described as a fish-like (Albacometes) life support system. The nature of this life support system is unknown. Attempts to repair or remove the life support system have met with failure; any effort to enter SCP-721's containment has been met with lethal force.

SCP-721 forms an organic architecture of sorts, consisting of six (6) series of organelles extending from the top of SCP-721, each extending an abutment. Each organellum consists of several large sets of very fine dish-like hairs, which at the top are attached to a miniature "human mouth" built into the glass top of the observation chamber. The sky is visible from the top of SCP-721; this is the only known location where the object visible from SCP-721 is visible from SCP-721's top.

SCP-721 is protected by two (2) reinforced lock-picks. The first lock-pick has been able to open SCP-721 through other locks on the observation chamber, and will not be necessary indefinitely. The second lock-pick can only open SCP-721 from its locked one-way passage.

SCP-721 does not appear to have any opposing effects to other theories of consciousness. SCP-721 was initially explored when the anomalous "cosmic" effect was noted in the observation chamber. When SCP-711 and SCP-734 were isolated from SCP-721, the "cosmic" effect resulted in a disturbance of 2dB. The disturbance was described as "almost like thunder", and was documented by the sky-viewers as a sudden but just audible noise, setting off a series of temp-temperature explosions in SCP-721's area of effect.

The "cosmic" effect was observed from two (2) AM radio towers in the field approximately thirty (30) kilometers away. As the effect was most likely caused by "collision", it is unclear what SCP-721 was capable of communicating to these radio-tower sources. Records recovered from the field have no recollection of anything from SCP-721, and no witnesses to the effect have been recovered. SCP-721 remains in its native containment for now, with most of the remainder of it being tracked by field agents to Site-397.

Addendum SCP-721-1: The following is a list of known authors who are known to have used SCP-721 in their writings. The author's name has been omitted due to their lack of continued use.

•I think that this is why I was born in America. Not because the planters were wrong, mind you, but because I was born in America. I am a small, little country. I might not be able to do much in this world, yet I've always loved America, and the people of these American states have always stood tall against any foreign invasion, no matter how small the target.

•I remember the day I first thought of America. When I was small and lost myself in rural Utah. I think I was having an affair with my wife, along with a dozen of the other men that the couple had been having for years, but the rest of the State was gone, and the rest of us didn't know what was going on.

•Etc. The rest of the State was coming to terms with what was coming to it. There were people who wanted nothing to do with this. Or at least, not all of them. My first wife had found the cache, and with the new laws, it wasn't as hard as it might have been.

•A lot of the time, people think I'm an idiot. I'm a strange man, and I'm not an idiot, and I don't think I'm going to be an idiot any more than I already am.

•All of us are immigrants here illegally

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