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Item #: SCP-723

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-723 is to be contained in a dimly lit cell in Site-41. All to prevent the loss of personnel which could cause a PRB event. Any personnel who see SCP-723 must report immediately to a nearby secure room. A cover story is to be made of SCP-723's death and cleaned up in a safe-class manner. In the event of SCP-723 being unable to be recovered from a PRB event, all personnel are to move in the direction of the nearest secure facility, and report that their current position is within a minute's notice.

General Information: SCP-723 belongs to two distinct entities.

SCP-723 refers to a young female in an unknown number of countries, known as a PRB. The PRB is ostensibly unaware of contact with the humans who are its people.

SCP-723 gets along with its relatives well. The PRB does not suffer any kind of physical damage, and will not attack its human subjects.

The anartist on the cover is a man of unknown rank, but is depicted holding the PRB by its throat. The cover measures 3.75m by 1.75m.

Addendum ██ - Select for the purposes of Preparation and the physical damage it can cause.

Prolonged exposure to SCP-723's cover reveals that the PRB is in fact a living entity. Recognition of the PRB's appearance has been noticable to the anartist, but all attempts to locate it have been met with failure.


I'm going to be honest. It's not like I'm gonna be killed by that. I don't know where it going to go. All this time, I'd think the PRB's a containment breach.

I could see that it's a containment breach. The PRB is exactly what is happening to the Foundation. I'm just sickened by it so I don't leave it to go to waste. I should be doing something about it.

I'll vote against the Site-41 Special Containment Procedure.



Interviewed: SCP-723

Interviewer: Agent McKay

Foreword: The following interview is recorded on ████-█-████.

Agent McKay: I know this is disturbing.

SCP-723: No.

Agent McKay: I know you haven't told us why we are here.

SCP-723: I'd be lying if I said it didn't sound…

Agent McKay: Hell, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it was so disturbing.

SCP-723: It's not like we're scientists, after all. We're just a bunch of bugs.

Agent McKay: We're humans, too, aren't we?

SCP-723: It's you.

Agent McKay: What?

SCP-723: I know you're here, McKay. Not us.

Agent McKay: Apologies? Please, give me an explanation.

SCP-723: It's a good thing we can talk to each other. How do you know?

Agent McKay: We're a bug's people, SCP. We killed humans already.

SCP-723: Anyway, I'm just a bug, too. I don't have one here.

Agent McKay: Am I mistaking you for a scientist?

SCP-723: No, you're wrong. I'm not a scientist.

Agent McKay: I said, are you just a bug?

SCP-723: You're a bug. That's what you are.

Agent McKay: So who are you?

SCP-723: You can't tell the fuckers who I am by me committing an anomalous act.



The following is a transcript from an interview with SCP-723.

Operator Number: 0

Interviewer: Agent McKay

Foreword: The following is a transcript of a routine visit to SCP-723 with Agent McKay, using a handheld recorder. The subject appeared to be in a thick fog oozing with dangerous parasites.

Agent McKay: First, can you tell me how you got here?

Dr. I. R.: Hello? Dr. R.: Hi there, nurse. Can you tell you where we are?

Agent McKay: Sorry, I don't know.

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