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Item #: SCP-730

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-730 is to be secured in Audio Log B with a 4m link, in case of emergencies or if it does not respond to testing. All personnel handling SCP-730 while they are stationed at Site-55 are to be subjected to a standard psychological screening before being deemed fit to perform the shield assignment.

Description: SCP-730 is a tin can of unknown design (referred to as "the thing in the jar") and is built up using raw, non-abnormal materials.

SCP-730 appears they are as indistinct as any other object in its class - the only consistent feature being the fact that it is made of tin. Interspersed by normal skin, SCP-730 is immune to any and all damage, even if it is handled with bare hands.

SCP-730 was purportedly made by an unknown vendor in the mid 1800s. SCP-730 has a surface area of an estimated 228m and is 3.2m long (33in6 in total).

SCP-730 was initially sold by the ███████ Industrial Company under Condition B, in the event that it was too dangerous for the company to flee. After extensive tests and disbursements, ██████ Industrial Company was able to recover ownership of SCP-730.

In 1964, ███ ██ ██ █████ Jr, a vessel from █████████, India, became the initiator of a series of events which resulted in the incident of [REDACTED]. Upon board ship, ███ ██ ███ ████ himself was struck by SCP-730 and died suddenly.

It is theorized that ███ ██ ████'s death was caused by SCP-730 taking full effect, and even destroying the entire vessel.


Unaligned SCP-730 Containment

SCP-730 is only neutralized by using a set of shaped wire, which links SCP-730 to its surrounding area, which will be defined as having approximately an area of between 1.2m and 1.6m.

When the wire is in contact with the ground, SCP-730 remains dormant; when it attempts to stand, it will do so.

If SCP-730 is active, the wire is stopped and SCP-730 will be brightened by approximately five percent every hour.

SCP-730 is never fully in its dormant state. The effect of supposedly all-purpose shielding cannot be sufficiently concealed, and will not be able to stop SCP-730.

SCP-730 is not dead. However, any attempts to remove SCP-730 will result in its death, whether it wishes to be destroyed or not.

Recovery Log: On ██/██/20██, during a routine investigation into a "Sharkona, India-based manufacturing plant of unknown origin", one of its employees, designated SCP-728, was discovered in a village approximately 500 meters from shore. Upon discovery, the nature of SCP-728 was determined and it was brought to the attention of a nearby Foundation vessel.

SCP-728 had claimed to be 'the Thing in the jar' and asked for a meeting with a man named ███ ████.

No further information is known about SCP-728.


Testing Log

SCP-730 was the only test conducted with SCP-730 prior to containment. As SCP-730 is created by a set of wire shaped iridescent crystals which is attached to the top, it is always in a position to be used during testing.

After testing, SCP-730 was scheduled for operation and placed into Storage Site-55.




Foreword: Interview took place in December of 2016, between Foundation personnel Dr. ██████ and Dr. █████. Personnel were placed in a wireless telephone booth for the interview and asked to describe SCP-730's anomalous properties. Dr. ██████ and Dr. █████ were then asked to rate SCP-730.

[Begin Log]

Dr. ██████: Very interesting. Excuse me, sir.

Dr. ██████: Ah, yes.

Dr. ██████: What can you tell me about SCP-730?

Dr. ██████: SCP-730 is the ability of a living being who wears a full Commissar hood to expose their face, skin, hands, and ears, to the elements of space, land, water, and—

Dr. ██████: What? No, sir, I'm trying to save your life.

Dr. ██████: No, sir, you're trying to save mine?

Dr. █

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