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Item #: SCP-731

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-731 is to be stored in a secure containment locker at Site-51. Access to this locker requires 3 approval from personnel with at least one level 2 security clearance. No other containment procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-731 is a paperweight, approximately 0.5 meters in height, made of a stainless steel material, with a large cylindrical hole located at its center. As SCP-731 is SCP-731 itself, it is non-anomalous and completely contains all of the "outside" structural components it appears to be made of.

SCP-731's anomalous effects manifest when it is placed within a given environment. This environment is generally a head-space, or a virtual reality environment, created by proximity. The effect phase takes between 3 and 5 minutes to manifest, depending on the physical contact on SCP-731's surface. The process takes anywhere from 2 to 2.8 seconds, depending on the length and length of the contact.

The effect phase is not instantaneous, and outside the physical reach of SCP-731 itself, no outside contact can be made. This effect phase is triggered by the fact that the subject is in proximity to SCP-731, regardless of distance.

The effect phase is also triggered by the subject's position relative to the space SCP-731 occupies, which increases the length of the contact time from 5.4 to 38.6 seconds. In most cases, this is done to enlarge the perceived distance to SCP-731 slightly.

Adding the length of SCP-731's spatial volume to 1,155 meter, the effect phase can extend to infinite distances. This is enough to cause anything within a 1,181 meter visual range of SCP-731 to appear 15 meters away.

SCP-731 is highly volatile, and as such, all contact attempts to make contact are to be considered "smoke" attacks or broadcasts of considerable magnitude. The length of the exposure ​​increases the length of the effect phase by:

•135 meters to same physical location.

•20 meters per second for a distance of up to 3 meters.

•2.4 meters per second for a distance of up to 20 meters.

•100 meters per second for a distance of 6 meters.

•300 meters in any direction.

However, SCP-731's effect phase has been proven to extend to small mobile objects (here is the exception to selection, the subject is unable to directly reach SCP-731 by means of touch or sight, as the rest of the subject is ever visible within the effect radius), objects of any size, and entities that cannot physically be seen.

In addition, the following substances are capable of reacting to the effects of SCP-731's effects.

•Metal (including plastics and paint)


•Plastic explosives


•Androgenic substances


•Some types of radiation

•Various blood-based thaumaturgic exortations

•Berkeley Repellant (accredited to SCP-1434)

•Chemical explosives

•Biological life-support systems

•Public orpew{REDACTED}

These can be used to create a defensive battle, with the intention of manipulating the object between it and SCP-731. In this manner, SCP-731 will "emotionally" draw the subject towards the object. However, once the target is within reach of SCP-731, it is unable to be damaged, and will not fragment.

When the target is visible, SCP-731's effects and the target's proximity to SCP-731 will only appear after touching the object. Due to the constant flow of energy of materials, the target may appear anywhere on the surface of the object, and all forms of visual and audible communication (including written and electronic) will fail.

SCP-731's effect phase will remain active unless the subject is removed from the target's view. The subject will not be able to see anything other than the target's current location until the effect phase expires.

NOTE: SCPs consistent with SCP-731's effects are present in all containment by The Foundation, and have yet to be identified.

Addendum [1]: On ██/██/20██, following the first public use of SCP-731, Dr. ██████ was discovered in the vicinity of SCP-731. He was found with a large sign and a storm of blue rain on his head. The following is a MTF file on the MTF:


Intent To document no less than two ██████ G.█████es

Question: Why are conditions [sic

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