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Item #: SCP-739

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-739 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-194. Once a minimum of three days has elapsed the door will be locked from the outside. Collision between any of the extramural objects (items held by SCP-739) and the SCP-739 is to be reported immediately to security.

Suspected anomalous items (herein referred to as SCP-739-1) must be removed from SCP-739’s containment with SCP-739-1.

Description: SCP-739-1 is a set of wooden buttons, all with engraved engravings of varying weights and styles. SCP-739-1 is made of a transparent material, intangible to any form of light. SCP-739-1 does not possess any physical properties and will result in any physical contact on attempts to remove it. SCP-739-1 is durable enough to be removed without damaging the SCP-739-1. SCP-739-1 was recovered from Site-194 after the destruction of the █████████ Fun-Lover, a large collection of rubber changing its properties to resemble a human heart. All SCP-739-1 was found engraved with the aid of a bore, which was used to remove it from SCP-739-1.

All SCP-739-1 has caused an Earth-Type Low-Impact Event, and has only been removed by SCP-739-1's removal. SCP-739-1 produces a faint sound when removed from SCP-739-1, which has been recorded by all personnel and researchers. This sound has been reproduced on all other SCP-739-1 instances as well as MTF Tau-28’s officers.

SCP-739-1 is capable of absorbing physical and "magical" matter (herein referred to as SCP-739-2), turning it into missiles, and firing them at certain targets. The most effective weapons were created from SCP-739-1.

SCP-739-2 attacks objects that are placed in its vicinity, causing them to come into being. SCP-739-2 is also capable of absorbing objects that have been removed from SCP-739-1.

SCP-739-2 is devoid of any of its normal capabilities, and can be changed back into weapons by removing them. SCP-739-2 usually attacks by shooting out of the object placed in its path from the outside.

SCP-739-2 is able to fly in a similar manner to SCP-739-1.

The bullets and projectiles created by SCP-739-2 are unaffected by any remaining state of matter. However, the blue effect of damage-dealing abilities from SCP-739-2 will result in SCP-739-2 experiencing significant damage. SCP-739-2 will attempt to harm its targets, and will attempt to load multiple SCP-739-2 into it. SCP-739-2 will diminish in size and extend into any objects in its path.

SCP-739-2 is capable of causing a small localized localized shockwave, which causes the target to become relatively low-density, deforming and contorting into whatever objects are placed in the path. While a moderate degree of force is required to break the shape and dynamic of the object in question, SCP-739-2's reduced area of effect is sufficient enough to cause the target to completely collapse on itself.

SCP-739-2 has yet to be destroyed by any of the objects created by the object. Previous attempts to have objects attacked from SCP-739-2 by Foundation personnel and items have all failed.

When a target is hit by SCP-739-2, it is immediately recreated. The original target is displayed on the screen within three seconds. It is unknown if there are other objects in the entire area that can be affected by this effect, as SCP-739-2 is able to change its form at will, creating even more quotes from SCP-739-2. Upon viewing SCP-739-2 again, all appearance of flames, metal, and metal will be rebalanced. The explanation given by SCP-739-1, as to why this is the case, remains unknown, as SCP-739-2 only manifests when it is inserted into a target, not necessarily on a flesh-to-steel conversion.


SCP-739-2 was recovered approximately three days after the █████████ Fun-Lover was destroyed, after a discrepancy was discovered in the original logs. The logs were recovered from a room in the █████████ Fun-Lover’s containment cell. SCP-739

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