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Item #: SCP-740

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-740 is stored in a secure locker in Site 17.

Description: SCP-740 is a gramophone, in a wooden box. It is 115mm long, 22cm tall and 12cm thick. The box measures 3.5" x 5" x 8.5" x 4.5". However, most of the label will not come out of the box until it is fully opened, and the side panels (which contain the play knob) are covered by a thin sheet of green polystyrene.

When SCP-740 is filled up with a gramophone, a voice can be heard in the background. This voice is identified as "Perelka Schovitz".

If the gramophone is filled up, multiple lines will appear above the vinyl groove each time it is moved. This usually takes between a few seconds and several hours over a range of a few minutes.

When SCP-740 is filled up with a third gramophone, it will pull out the vinyl trigger and plug into the stylus channel. The entire process takes between 75 and 150 seconds, depending on the size of the gramophone.

A tongue inserted into SCP-740 will lift the vinyl trigger off the gramophone. If a person can swallow starchy substances, then the tongue will extend its tongue out and start to remove the vinyl trigger.

When the vinyl trigger is removed, SCP-740 will no longer be filled with a gramophone.


Addendum: SCP-740 was recovered from [DATA EXPUNGED] which allegedly belonged to a man named [REDACTED], who went by the name "Phillip Schimel". It, however, appears to be a distinct, if unfortunately manufactured, gramophone.


The prototype was tested in [DATA EXPUNGED] on ██/██/20██. The records of the test, citing the name "Phillip Schimel", are missing. The record can be found in situ in ██/██/20██, located in █████████ Avenue, Obermündheim, Germany. Although the date is consistent with the date of serial #3771-X, 17-08817, Event Log #12 is missing.


1. Records which follow the number request it to be copied over instead.

2. The lab technician who wrote the test log, was later found in custody, and charged with his behavior.

3. Records of the test indicate the evidence for this is consistent with previous records of the man's location.

4. An SCP-740-1 instance exists, but does not possess the first digit plate number.

5. Spectrograms have been done per standard spectroscopy, however no longer a matter of concern.

6. The possession of SCP-730 appears to be proprietary, and thus requires higher clearance than normal.

7. Relatively high in frequency, and no less disturbing than the actual species of the animals present.

8. The effects of the in-universe resonance remain unknown.

9. Standard ear piece for gramophone composers.

10. Video feed for gramophone-style compositional effect.

11. published in Berlin in 1995.

12. Translated from Russian into English, and published in English by the German Branch in 1995.

13. Translated into radio waves, and broadcast by ██████ ██ Radio Foundation recording equipment.

14. Available in complete radio waves, a free-form radio transmission.

15. Given to the Foundation.

16. When asked to describe SCP-760, the subjects could not, stating that it is a pair of metal headphones. What they do say are some crude lyrics and salutations.

17. Potential containment protocol for SCP-740.

18. Rejects personnel who violate the requirements.

19. Note: only human subjects are known to experience the effects of SCP-740.

20. Subject who will always initiate the trigger is Dr. █████, and the trigger will always be retrieved.

21. 50-55,000 years.

22. Abilities of SCP-740-1 instances are reversed once the trigger is read again.

23. Foundation, with permission from SCP-740, has been granted permission to test SCP-740 with SCP-703's effects, so that Dr. █████ cannot regenerate its anomalous properties.

24. SCP-740's musical qualities are highly dilated: the vocals are completely distorted.

25. Residual music has been observed in the secondary recording.

26. SCP-740's effects were first noticed when Dr. █████ was removed from SCP-740.

27. Officially demanished after the second channel removed.

28. Appears to be a reminder label.

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