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Item #: SCP-074

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-074 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell, furnished and extremely secure. Able items are to be stored within in a standard human containment cell. SCP-074 has been modified through standard testing procedures to allow for the testing of anomalous abilities in SCP-074.

SCP-074 is to be monitored at all times and rendered inert by standard shock treatment. Additional amnestics in the form of Class-A amnestics and class-B amnestics are to be administered to personnel found to be anomalous.

The containment area is to be kept free of non-essential resources. All personnel attending this and prior testing are to be pre-screened for anomalous abilities. Personnel under the effect of SCP-074 are to be treated with Class-A amnestics and Class-B amnestics, and then released. Personnel who become anomalous themselves are to be released only under the supervision of the current Site Director.

Description: SCP-074 is a male human of Egyptian and Pakistanese descent, with no known history of anomalous properties outside of detention. SCP-074 claims to be a former employee of the Foundation and is currently in possession of a copy of █████████ ████ ██, one of the Foundation's largest containment files, which it makes accessible via an advanced secure file-sharing website. This SCP-074 document can also be accessed via Foundation webcrawlers by using the "search" or "invert_search" functions.

SCP-074 was retrieved from ██████, ██, by MTF Sigma-7 ("Grin and Bear It") in the early morning of the ninth of September. MTF-Sigma-7 was conducting routine security checks on the air vent, which was observed to be partially blocked by a phallic-shaped object. No personnel entered the containment room at the time of discovery; however, the object's effects are not currently believed to be anomalous.

SCP-074 claims that it is the senior Air Force member and responsible for the initial use of █ normal nuclear weapons. SCP-074's email account is to be monitored at all times.

Also, for the purposes of this document, "Full List of SCP-074 Objects" is a paraphrase of the classification document. Each object noted in this document is either classified as anomalous or simply unclassified.




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SCP-074: █████████ ████ ██

Personnel assigned to this item: O5-1

N: ██████ ██


SCP-074: ███████████ ██

SCP-074: ███████████ ██

Item #: SCP-074

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-074 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell, furnished and extremely secure. Able items are to be housed within a standard human containment cell. SCP-074 is to be permitted access to a wide variety of Foundation resources, solely for testing purposes.

Most objects SCP-074 detects are restricted to standard containment cells, designated Site-███ for the purposes of this document. Other sensitive information is to be stored in a secured database on mobile Site-███, which is used for the purpose of anomaly detection and retrieval.

The Foundation has recently taken the Omnitlost Project, Project Portal, as a means of finding the source of SCP-074. SCP-074 has, as of the time of writing, cleared Project Portal of any and all correlation with earlier SCP-074 documents, leading to the discovery of the location of several SCP-074 objects.

Recently, it has been discovered that SCP-074 routinely escapes containment, along with SCP-723.

Description: SCP-074 is a male human of Indian and Pakistani descent who is in a permanent vegetative state. The structure of SCP-074's body has undergone extreme alteration so that it appears to be composed entirely of steel, and the heart and lungs are hollowed out.

SCP-074 is credited with the creation of SCP-723, including the first containment procedures. SCP-074 herself has not provided any documents on this anti-anomaly, other than the above-mentioned SCP-074 document. However, her current whereabouts are unknown, as her diary and personal journal are held at secure Foundation facilities.

SCP-074 was discovered via a routine Foundation audit following the return of a child to his father's home from school. Upon being interviewed, the father described SCP-723 to have created SCP-074 "

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