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Item #: SCP-075

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-075 are to be contained in Inert Storage, with SCP-075 instances to be completed and stored in a standard mass-storage, secure storage, and monitored by no fewer than three O5-level personnel. All instances of SCP-075 are to be contained on-site in a Secure Locker in Facilities 36 and 38, with access to information regarding SCP-075 to be restricted to first-class personnel only.

Description: SCP-075 is a 4-foot-high white stone with a diameter of 4-foot-deep. It is an item of anomalous ability. Several shamans, monks, and priests are capable of performing a number of feats to produce a 5-foot-tall humanoid. The individual will travel to any local city, populated by humans, using the stone and then travel back into the same city using a less-advanced method of construction. Records about the stone are incomplete; instances of SCP-075-1 are always found in the town's ruins, with the stone's anomalous capabilities listed below:

•SCP-075-1: The person performing the feats to produce SCP-075-1.

•SCP-075-1: When done, the individual will be transported within SCP-075 to the nearest island, upon which the stone shall be laid.

•SCP-075-1: SCP-075-1 has both the innate and expressiveness of a human, with the person performing the feats to produce SCP-075-1 having an equivalent strength and vitality level to the average human being.

•SCP-075-1: During the process of construction of the stone, the person performing the feats will, by the age of fifty, have a mastery of the carved stone known as Fritus. As the stone progresses, and the number of individuals performing the feats increases, so will the vastness of SCP-075 develop at a rapid pace.

•SCP-075-1: As the people who perform the feats continue to complete the feat, the stone will again lose its ability to topple or disrupt the weight of the person performing the feats.

•SCP-075-1: As ever, the human will continue performing the feats to produce SCP-075-1 over the course of the process.

•SCP-075-1: As the stone continues to be constructed, the human will watch in awe as the workman causes it to be completed in a relatively short amount of time, a feat which would be impossible for any of the other recently-formed humanoids.

•SCP-075-1: The computer program designed to keep track of and perform the tasks on SCP-075-1 will continue to run flawlessly, no matter the workman's progress.

•SCP-075-1: SCP-075-1 cannot be damaged by anyone else until the final workman completes the process.

SCP-075-1 is also capable of producing the ability to take it's own form. Any person who sees SCP-075-1 successfully completed before them will instantly undergo a psychotic state and begin a struggle with hallucinations before eventually succumbing to the effects of SCP-075. As and when this occurs, it will be marked as a disgruntled employee at the █████████ ██████ Corp.

Addendum 1: Testing Log

Testing Log: 5/25/15

Dr. █████: Every group of five humanoids, including the high-ranking personnel, has been assigned a number.

Personnel 1: Lost the stones. They know their names, and how much they know about me.

Personnel 2: They know their names. A few of them are very good at it. I don't know what kind of power that is.

Personnel 3: The first step? Find out how the stone works. DON'T KNOW

Personnel 1: The stones are supposed to take words and sentences, and work together. I'd go back to my room, ask the one with the books.

Personnel 1: Probably a good idea, but I can't see it. I actually forgot to tell myself.

Personnel 1: Talk about it.

Personnel 1: But I got the crystals. I texted them, by the way. The first people.

Personnel 1: They.. you can say that. I remember.

Personnel 1: They … they didn't get it. I got the stones too. Least of all.

Personnel 1: I don't know. I can't remember what. I can't remember what I was. Nevermind.

Personnel 1: I remember. They said, "It's all about you." And I was thrown into the nearest monastery. I was asked to destroy my enemies. I did. I didn

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