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Item #: SCP-076

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: It is to be kept in a self-contained containment box at all times. Research personnel must not be allowed to view SCP-076.

Any with a Class-A personality will be allowed access to SCP-076; note that the subject of SCP-076 is not the same as that of other people.

Any member of the staff capable of word-for-word understanding of a copy of SCP-076 will be allowed to obtain a copy of SCP-076.

Description: SCP-076-1 is an overview document describing SCP-076. SCP-076-1 appears to be filed in Urdu. The document is between 450 and 500 pages long. It is completely unaltered; however, the contents are all classified as classifieds in reference to SCP-076.

Neither the date nor the time stamp of the document is known; other facilities with daily paper reports will display a drop of '07' in the string. However, numerous room numbers and doorways have all shown a drop.

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