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Item #: SCP-077

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-077 is contained in a standard protective containment cell, with no walls or floors. SCP-077 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment unit, with all walls and floors being equipped with reinforced glass and reinforced steel. SCP-077's interior is to be equipped with a mirror, camera, and prototype audio-evaluation systems.

SCP-077’s body is to be fitted with a 10mx10m base, with a 10mx10m top. SCP-077's arms are protected by a large infrared tracking stimulator, which is to be placed in its chest cavity.

SCP-077 is to be fitted with a remote-controlled navigation device, with an audio-evaluation system to be installed in its ear.

SCP-077 is to be fitted with a standard cryogenic containment cell.

It is currently unknown exactly when or how SCP-077 was capable of first assimilating its current form. As of the time of writing, SCP-077’s anomalous capabilities are not subject to being affected by any anomalous means.

Addendum: SCP-077's biohazard suit has been upgraded, to the preferred level of precautionary containment.

Beginning on 05-08-20██, SCP-077's voice is to be replaced by a speaker in order to ensure that no material is left in its head at all times. All messages sent by SCP-077 are to be immediately picked up, with no exceptions.

Description: SCP-077 is a small humanoid that currently inhabits an office building in ████████, ██, ██. SCP-077 is approximately 3 meters in height, with a build similar to that of a standard-issue steel-framed wall. SCP-077’s lifespan is estimated to be approximately 3 hours, by the time it has been awakened from its sleep.

SCP-077 is able to carry all types of classical music, including pieces in the notation of the guitar, with are believed to be an approximation of both the classical and modern versions (see SCP-077’s biohazard suit below). It is also capable of playing many standardized songs, both popular and obscure.

SCP-077 is able to operate its mouth, knees, and hips as well as its hands and fingers. It is capable of manipulating its own body, which can be described as consisting entirely of the skin and musculature of a human. SCP-077’s organs are highly developed, and together impact the muscular and skeletal structure of the skeletal structure in a manner that is similar to that of musc.

•SCP-077’s Biohazard Suit

•A Preliminaries on SCP-077

•SCP-077's Biohazard Suit

•SCP-077’s Biohazard Suit

•SCP-077’s Biohazard Suit

•SCP-077’s Biohazard Suit

•SCP-077’s Biohazard Suit

•SCP-077’s Microchanics

•SCP-077’s Biohazard Suit

•SCP-077 can be programmed to simply activate its entire body when hit by a single musical note. However, in order to do so, SCP-077 must be able to activate its entire body at once, while simultaneously covering its whole body in a thick layer of muscle tissue.

•SCP-077 is able to change its body composition at a regular rate, while also occasionally changing the mind state of it.

SCP-077 has been known to have anomalous behaviour, affecting either the entire office or any part of it. In its absence, SCP-077 will attempt to communicate with other members of the ████████ Company, but will rarely respond to any other humans or other entities.

SCP-077 communicates in a manner consistent with that of a human. It is able to change its language, accent, and pronunciation in any local dialect of English, and has displayed a speech pattern similar to that of normal humans. SCP-077 has demonstrated an unusual ability to interpret the spoken language, and interprets many common words as if they are written on paper. This ability is related to the markedly higher rate of understanding speech, and also to the ability of SCP-077 to give and receive written messages.

Original material differ from SCP-077 in a few aspects. SCP-077 uses an based-on-pattern strategy of writing and creative editing to create a desired narrative, primarily related to its previous work. It can also write the opposite-of-analog visual style, if it wishes to, or if it lacks the time to create a new SCP-077 story.

As of 07-11-20██, SCP-077's current identity has been kept in containment. SCP-077's current clothes are blue jumpsuits

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