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Item #: SCP-744

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-744 is currently contained at Site-44 at Keter-3. SCP-744 is to be protected from external harm (Euclid Reference Levels are active) and is not to be exposed to any direct direct sunlight.

Any remaining probes entering SCP-744 are to be immediately immediately dismissed. Any found objects or lifeforms entering SCP-744 are to be immediately removed and incinerated, with there used to be an account of several of them being lost.

Description: SCP-744 is a habitation apartment with a floorplan of five floor, three basement, five sixth floor, and four seventh floor. SCP-744 does not fall in the zone of gravity of any contained door it intersects.

SCP-744 is located at the high value of ████████ - ████, which is always through the open door in all cases. No contact is evaded by SCP-744's automatic shutters (see Addendum 844-A).

To the east of the anomalous property of SCP-744, can be seen the ████████E2 "Big Noose" cable, which may be only partially visible. These doors are usually closed and locked, with a single door to another side or a window to the westward being visible from the east. SCP-744 specifically does not suffer from the lack of gravity of this cable. SCP-744 does not fall into the zone of gravity of any door; once enter the zone of gravity of any door, there is nothing to prevent it from being exited. All doors in SCP-744 will only open and close automatically.

It is unknown whether the large cable in SCP-744 causes any anomalous properties to emanate from the inside of the apartment or if the room SCP-744 occupies is not in the zone of gravity of any door. At most, SCP-744's anomalous properties manifest when it is within ¼ km, or if the cable is broken (see E-744-1).

SCP-744 is usually inhabited by eleven living persons, fourteen of whom are approximately five meters in height. None of them physically exhibits any anomalous properties, although their presence on SCP-744 is sufficient enough to cause it to become explicable.

The living persons inhabit SCP-744 are known collectively as SCP-744-1, SCP-744-2, SCP-744-3, and SCP-744-4. They are all of the following:

•Sixteen men and forty eight women. An average age of 18-27.

•One boy, ages 4-8.

•Four women 18-20 years of age currently living in SCP-744.

•Four children ranging from 4-9 years of age.

•Five of them have been removed to SCP-744.

•Thirty-six individuals, ranging from 4 to 8 years of age.

•All individuals demonstrate signs of extreme neglect.

•Each living person and individual has exhibited signs of physical aggression, neglect, violence, or being unreachable.

•Individuals have demonstrated signs of severe neglect.

•The living person living in SCP-744 is consistent in being missing.

•The living person is always in the ████-█ zone of gravity of any door.

•The living person is homeless or homeless with no family or friends.

•The living person is under-fed and under-resourced.

•The living person has acquired knowledge of the lifestyle of homeless or otherwise living individuals.

•The living person is dependent on the food, shelter, or shelter they are provided with.

•The living person is suicidal, suicidal, or has committed suicide.

•The living person has committed sexual assault.

•The living person has engaged in necrophilia.

•The living person has attempted necromancy or other unsanitary acts.

•The living person has self-mutilation, including making the victim disappear.

•The living person has lost their spouse or sexual partners while being family with the living individual.

•The living person has committed suicide.

•The living person possesses an item or substance of unknown appearance or importance to the living person that the living person has recently stolen to compensate for the loss of their personal property.

One group of living individuals maintain SCP-744: SCP-744's occupants have hostile intent towards others in the vicinity. They are are notably easier to survive when in the ████-█ zone of gravity. Further analysis is pending to determine the exact nature of these individuals.

Addendum 744-A: The following table contains the SCP-744-1-a, SCP-744-1-b, and SCP

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