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Item #: SCP-746

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-746 is to be kept on its original base in a standard storage locker.

Description: SCP-746 is a 2m tall wooden round desk. Several small incisions have been made into its surface. The desk is covered in an irregular collection of photographs. SCP-746's history of its initial discovery is unknown.

SCP-746 was purchased in the laboratory of ██████ ██████ by a former acquaintance. The note describing the photograph on the desk was written in the same language as the photograph, and in the same handwriting, parents of SCP-746.

Addendum 746-01:

The calmer laboratory environment, in which the portrait was stored, is unchanged.

The portrait was donated to the Foundation by the mother.

Addendum 746-02:

SCP-746’s anomalous effect has been observed to manifest in photographs taken at the same exact moment as the photograph itself.

Addendum 746-03:

When one or more photographs are captured by SCP-746, the other photographs are unaffected.


1. The photograph taken of the child is negatively affected in all other photographs, with the child being unaffected.

2. The children’s parents were dead at a previous date, apparently due to a gun-related incident. The mother’s fingerprints are not present.

3. There is no evidence that this effect has been made to manifest in photographs from the current period.

4. Five months following the photograph was taken, the child reappears deceased.

5. Contrary to their parents and siblings, the children had apparently all lost a parent.

6. The photograph can be seen outside the frame of the photograph.

7. The caption of the caption reads “O my child, we fear not. I do not fear as you fear.

8. Only the child tries to find scepticism in his family’s failing heart.

9. SCP-746 was recovered from ██████ ██████, passed away on 11/25/1986 with trauma consistent to the child’s first passage.

10. SCP-746 was confiscated as a juvenile in ██, after his mother died.

11. The name written on the picture is illegible.

12. The name written on the picture is identical to the name written on SCP-1446-2.

13. SCP-746’s house is 6m x 6m in size, built in ██████ ██████.

14. SCP-746 is alderman with the store's name painted on the front door.

15. The figure on the picture’s left is ████ ██████, a widower.

16. SCP-746’s house is 3.5km x 3.5km in size.

17. SCP-746’s shop is believed to be a work of art.

18. SCP-746 was recovered from ████ ██████, a widower, who had been convicted of killing his children and attributing the murders to his own mother.

19. SCP-746’s shop is believed to be constructed without any furniture, instead an artificial door with a light fixture.

20. SCP-746’s shop is located in ████ ██████, a crowded shopping street, where the entrance is from the outside.

21. SCP-746’s shop is a several-meter tall wall of metal. The wall is covered in graffiti.

22. SCP-746’s voice is recorded speaking from within SCP-746’s shop, and speaking back at the same time.

23. SCP-746’s shop is located in ██████ ███, a crowded street.

24. SCP-746’s house is built near the small explosion in ██████ ███, as ██████ █████ is believed to have been alive and in the process of being killed.

25. SCP-746’s house is constructed in ██████ ██████, as ██████ █████ was deceased.

26. SCP-746’s bedroom is constructed of two identical glass-like objects, bolted to the floor by four hinges, on a foundation of untreated concrete.

27. SCP-746’s bedroom is constructed of three steel-lined ball-and-socket sections and a nylon-wrapped wooden keyhole, with the stone-like spring, which slides into the lock.

28. Several other photographs, all signed by SCP-746, are visible.

29. The photo of SCP-746

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