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Item #: SCP-747

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-747's effect, no multiple containment procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-747 is a glass vase, measuring 2.5m in diameter and 1.1m in depth, each side painted with a dark blue color.

SCP-747 is completely filled with liquid, and when fully submerged and worn SCP-747 will transform into a humanoid shape. When this transformation occurs, the SCP-747 is capable of making vocalisations, though the exact nature of these vocalisations is currently unknown.

SCP-747 is able to express sexual expression, whilst communicating with other SCP-747 instances. At this time, 30% of all recorded instances are capable of human speech, though while conversing SCP-747 instances are able to change their appearance, they make no vocalisations. In addition, SCP-747 is completely immobile, and can only be opened by the insertion of a tool of sufficient strength into its container.

Every SCP-747 instance is able to respond to the voice of the SCP-747 Operator, by speaking, writing or otherwise communicating in a language almost exclusively spoken in the region of SCP-747's manifestation.

Note: SCP-747 originated in ██████████, ██████ and was recovered in ███████████ by the British Museum.

Addendum: SCP-747 was recovered in ██████████, ██ from ███████████ Museum Opal. Prior to its discovery, it was in the custody of a human female living in ██████████.


In the event of an SCP-747 instance being used for non-anomalous purposes, the SCP-747 Operator will speak to the subject, speak to the subject chanting in a language the subject understands shortly before they equally refuse the SCP-757 Operator's requests.

The SCP-747 Operator's voice, however, is completely inaudible to most humans.

Note: The effects of this feature were discovered in southern Arizona shortly after the discovery of SCP-747's location on ██████████.

Once the SCP-747 is used to speak a language that the subject understands, they will begin to function as a replacement by using their own voice. This will always prevent them from entering SCP-747's container, as SCP-747 will stop speaking to them.

Once the subject speaks, the SCP-747 Operator will speak telepathically, and speak using the subject's language and understanding. The subject will always remain silent, except in response to the SCP-747 Operator.

Note: SCP-747 can be used to explain its functions. As the SCP-747 Operator will never speak, the SCP-747 example can be used for communication with the SCP-747 Operator.

Addendum: SCP-747 was recovered in██████████ from ███████████ Museum Opal.


1. Immobile.

2. Caused by writing, but can also be performed by writing things.

3. The SCP-747 Operator's voice is incomprehensible, but frequently uses clicks and whistles during its words.

4. In the event of SCP-747 being used for non-anomalous purposes, the SCP-747 Operator will speak to the subject chanting a language the subject understands.

5. SCP-747 has not been found to interfere with communication between SCP-747 instances.

6. As SCP-747 operates through the skin.




10. The right of the subject to speak is known as 'spoken material'.

11. This material can either be written or spoken.


13. As Subject 1 has no appetite or request for food.

14. Subject 2 regarding Subject 3, Subject 4 and Subject 5.

15. As Subject 4 looks like SCP-747 Operator.

16. The SCP-747 Operator can only communicate verbally.

17. As SCP-747 is able to hurl objects.

18. As Subject 5 does not break containment, and does not need to.

19. As Subject 5 was not breaking containment.

20. As Subject 6 has no desire to eat.

21. As Subject 7 has no desire to eat.

22. As Subject 8 is hungry for food.

23. As Subject 9 suffers from severe memory loss.

24. As Subject 10 becomes hostile towards the SCP-747 Operator.

25. SCP-747 is immobile.

26. As Object 7 is non-toxic to the subject.

27. Object 7 is able to utilise the object.

28. As Object 8 is not harmful.

29. As Object 9 blocks the topic, and prevents tampering.

30. As Object 10 directs the subject towards the subject.

31. As Object 11 can only be used by the

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