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Item #: SCP-756

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-756 is to be contained on-site with all other objects in the global keter category under Site-17. SCP-756 is to be fitted with a tone-class hyper-sound response module for efficient containment, and all staff appearing at SCP-756 are to be immediately terminated. The following security measures are to be enforced in the event of an instance of SCP-756-1:

•A copper manifold is to be connected from SCP-756's power outlet to a single transformer. This has a primary output (SCP-756-A, which is to be used for electrical power) which must be secure and monitored to prevent SCP-756-A from generating more than 9V DC power.

•There must be a redundancy proof of capacity of SCP-756; if any part of this is breached, the entire system fails. If there is insufficient power to keep SCP-756-A working, the electric power grid must be completely replaced. Note that we are not building a battery backup system.

•There must be at least one personnel inside SCP-756 to prevent SCP-756-A from running without power.

•In the event that power to SCP-756-A fails, the following process must be followed to restore power to SCP-756-A.

Description: SCP-756 is a mobile, semi-sentient entity with a total of one (1) AC power outlet. When powered, SCP-756 will produce an electric signal that emits a low-frequency gamma radiation.

When a signal is received from a power source, it is sent to all nearby power sources within the range of its range. In the event that power to the source is cut or blocked, the signal will cease to exist and the object is returned to its original state.

On demand, SCP-756 functions as a high-voltage power distribution system. The signal will remain in its original condition indefinitely.

When a power-off signal is received SCP-756 will reactivate power distribution. In the event of an active power-off signal, power will be restored to the affected power source.

When a power-off signal is received by an active power-outage, SCP-756 will reactivate power distribution. In the event of an inactive power-off signal, power will be restored to the next-placed power source.

Normal operation of power distribution is not possible with SCP-756; power is given priority to secondary and tertiary power sources.

SCP-756 is non-intrusive, and may be ignored without problem. Contact is to be made with a power source within the range of its range and an unresponsive power-outage will be corrected without issue.

To maintain containment, SCP-756 is to be powered on all its power outlets at all times.


1. The following are examples of power-related signals sent from SCP-756, all those sent from power inserts or power converters.

2. If any part of this source is breached by an instance of SCP-756-1, the object ceases to function.

3. Canary cables in the UK carry power supplies and are not affected by SCP-756, as SCP-756 has no power connection outside its accident radius.

4. The number of cables connected to SCP-756 has not been reported.

5. SCP-756 is capable of outputting a signal that is capable of producing any voltage at all times.

6. This signal is subject to no anomalous effects when directed at any power source, regardless of voltage.

7. SCP-756 will respond to any deviation from its emission pattern by generating additional radiation.

8. SCP-756 is capable of emitting a signal that cannot be deactivated, and will permit its emission even if its emission pattern is ground-free.

9. SCP-756 does not operate as a power-supply; as a result, all power sources in its immediate area are subject to an anomalous interruption.

10. This is classified as Safe.

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