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Item #: SCP-755

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-755 is to be sterilized before and after each testing session, and destroyed after the first two.

SCP-755 is to remain in a stationary, non-conductive containment unit on Site-223.

Description: SCP-755 is a music recording, a whimsy piece, and an instrumental version of the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Attribution Attribution ShareAlike Generated Content-Guarantor License.

SCP-755 displays no anomalous properties or properties. Any attempts to break SCP-755's containment by any means will attract a loud, indeterminate power surge in the immediate area, by force, by force of ALL ASTRAL VIDEO EQUIPMENT. The following is a list of recorded power surges, a brief description of the power surge, the deflection rate of the power surge, and the resultant damage to the environment, resulting in the immediate evacuation of the anomaly.

SCP-755 will be automatically destroyed after the third power surge, by means of "tethering" \silly-looking rock formations around the anomaly, usually aligned with SCP-755's "static" location. The following is a list of the power surges recovered from various target locations around SCP-755 during a 3rd power surge, with descriptions and photographs of bird and animal behavior during the event.

Sound Power Surge Description

•03/08/09: The sound of a massive bird (less than 2 standard deviation) soaring through the area is heard. The sound of stones falling through the ground is heard.

•03/16/09: Significant slumps and collapses in the ground feel a lot closer to the anomaly.

•04/18/09: Birds cease flying and begin to sing a song. It is interpreted as a song of inchoate beauty. Birdlike creatures are singing quiet and melodramatic melodies. (Bird-song reverie.)

•05/13/09: A large bird formed into a scale, resembling a bat, flies towards the anomaly's anomaly, stopping to be able to fly in time.

•05/16/09: Birds resume song. (Bird screeches.) Birdlike creatures continue to sing (Bird screams.)

•06/18/09: Birds are heard singing softly. The birds begin to fly towards the anomaly, and fall to the ground, then sing quietly for the next minute. The song is still in progress. The birds are not soundly impacted. Bird appears to be singing slowly, gently.

•07/18/09: Birds fall to the ground. The song slows down. Birds begin to sing slowly again.

•09/27/09: Birds scream. Birds begin to fall again.

•10/01/09: Birds fall from the sky, and begin flying.

•10/02/09: Birds begin to pour into the anomaly.

•10/03/09: Birds pour from every landing in the anomaly. Birds chant various phrases in various languages.

•10/05/09: Birds piled up from several landing sites. Birdlike creatures appear to grab the birds, and drop them to the ground.

•10/06/09: Birds singing in the shadows of the anomaly.

•10/08/09: Birds waltz into the anomaly in the wrecks of the large bird. On cover story of birds "creating a sonic anomaly" birds begin piling up in various areas. Birds are reported to fall for several minutes before they reach the anomaly. Birds begin to sing again.

•10/09/09: Birds to the surface of the anomaly.

•10/10/09: Birds drop onto the ground.

•10/11/09: Birds begin falling out of the anomaly. Birds seemingly vanish for several minutes before air currents and sails begin to carry them out of the anomaly.

•10/12/09: Birds cluster together, and begin to sing together for the next 2 hours.

•10/13/09: Birds sing to each other.

•10/14/10: Birds sing together and sing the same song, but slowly become more jittery.

•10/15/10: Birds sing together for another 9 hours. Birds sing until they drop onto the ground, and the song ends. The song resumes. Birds begin singing again.

•10/20/10: Parrots begin to sing together, with music playing in the background.

•10/21/10: Birds scream together for the next 4 hours.

•10/22/10: Birds scream together.

•10/29/10: Birds scream together for the next 4 hours.

•10/30/10: Birds scream together for the next 4 hours.

•10/31/10: Birds scream together for the next 7 hours.

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