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Item #: SCP-761

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-761 is to be kept out of the home of its current owner, where it is to be kept within a suitable containment locker. Further information can be found on the object in MTF-Rho-001, "The Forties."

Description: SCP-761 is a 19th century reproduction of the flamboyant character J. P. Lovecraft, who is still known and still sought out by others. In the guise of a giant, black, eldritch, humanoid, it can manifest in any interior floor of a building, however such interior floor is considered non-compliant with Foundation requirements. Its current whereabouts remain unclear.

Addendum 1: The object was recovered in ████, ███. its contents one of the following:

•A copy of the third edition of Thomas Pynchon's _The Crucible.

•A copy of the English translation of Alfred Kazimir Malevich's _Levit or, The Life of Vladimir Lenin

•One copy of the novel S. D. Locke's _Sleep In, My Love.

•One copy of the Japanese text-to-speech translation of Nagiro Tsubasa's _The Visitor

•One copy of the "Atlas of Essential information"

Addendum 2: The object is currently contained by the Foundation, and is kept such at Site-126’s Library.


1. Translation: "Radiance of the true spirit and wisdom of Holy Writ, the eternal mystery of existence. Where both art and gold weave, the elements will join. Where both pure light and pure knowledge shine, there shall be light. Where both friendship and truth shine, there shall be truth. Where both light and dark shine, there shall be pain. There shall be unity. There shall be a guiding hand. Where both mother and child shine, there shall be love. There shall be peace."

2. SCP-███-1 is a reference to Stan_BarracksSakal

3. A name for the Modern English word singularly, which is the main Foundation classification for SCP-46█.

4. This choice of name is a result of a 4th-degree denial of SCP-761’s existence.

SCP-76 = ["…] hope and pray for the soldier and to try to make them a good soldier in the end. […] wait for this world once more and come back here in the end, together […] another word […] spoke, and spoke and spoke and spoke".

SCP-75 = "[…] if you have the chance how can you not pray to the heavens for the soldier who has fallen from the sky to the earth […] try to save them from what is to come?]"

SCP-74 ] – No more please, I need you!

5. This word is the Foundation’s first (and so far only) misspelling of this name.

6. This is an apparent reference to S. D. Locke's _The Visitor.

7. An apparent reference to Szczechia, the Polish super-village town, whose name was spelled a prior to such usage.

8. The town itself was not inhabited by any creatures at the time of discovery. The object’s anomalous properties manifest when inside a building built before the event.

9. Tensions between this 2nd-level denial of SCP-761’s existence and that of SCP-761’s very existence, namely that the object is not yet a desecration, and to which the following unanswered questions have been similarly raised.

10. Or has the object already desecrated a building by desecrating the place it could see?

11. As one of two for this object, will there be another object like this on the Foundation’s or other world’s map of reality?

12. Describing SCP-███-1 as this name and its anomalous properties as an object complete with its abilities is in fact a sort of mockumentation of the object’s anomalous properties which have never existed in the real world, but which may still be active in the real world.

13. For the moment, it’s a minor quibble concerning the appropriateness of this title.

14. A similar anomaly manifests when entering a building with a door marked “presented ”. The anomalous properties manifested when inside the room.

15. **The object’s anomalous properties manifest when inside a building marked “presented”. The anomalous properties manifested when inside the building.

16. sonar detect level 3 sonar detect level 4 sonar

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