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Item #: SCP-762

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The underground perimeter of Site-42 has been electrified with 5,000 wired and 3,000 completely sealed "trap-concrete" vats, and constructed of reinforced concrete. The perimeter is to be guarded by at least 5 guards standing at least 1 meter away from the base of the trap-concrete vat. At least 2 guards and one hazmat team are to be on duty in the trench and Apparel duty on weekdays. If an appendage that has been properly extracted from a human subject is found, Humes 6,000% of the surrounding area must be evacuated and all trappers are to be ordered to use cover stories. SCP-762 is to be kept in a standard quarantine cell at Site-42, with the use of the rest of its "hood".

Description: SCP-762 is a human being of indeterminate gender, approximately 1.5 meters in height. On the skin of the subject, there are no digits or external organs other than its skull. It is tentacle-like in its behavior and typically communicates using a single, twin-horned, open maw. This is most often done via slow-moving, flat, liquid overgrowth of its skin. The flesh of the subject seems to be loosely connected to its head, suggesting an immobility. The head is generally equipped with 4 eyes, an iridum and large, round pupils.

SCP-762 usually removes the skin and entrails of its cultists and the bodies of its victims. Its subjects are primarily polypoid organisms, however it will also produce a fluid excrement if any body parts other than the subject's skull are removed while it is underground. It was discovered inside the cave containing the body of ███████ O██████, a female founder of ████ Industrial Corporation, who had gone missing on ██/██/████. The extra flesh from the subject's skull was found to be the product of SCP-762. Interview Log:

Interviewed: SCP-762

Interviewer: Dr. ██████████, Site-42 Command

Further details have been omitted for brevity.

Dr. ███████████: What made you do what you did?

SCP-762: You think so yourself, aren't you? I don't know, but I think you might have some questions.

Dr. ██████████: So we are just to find out.

SCP-762: I don't know. (Pauses) It sure feels that way, doesn't it?

Dr. ███████████: What were you thinking? What spawned you to do all this?

SCP-762: You know, I think- well, it's kinda hard to explain. I think it's something else, you know. I think.

Dr. ██████████: I hope I don't have to hear you say it. Just… well, I'm afraid I'll just have to keep it a secret. It's just… I'm trying to find out what happened.

SCP-762: I don't know. You know, I don't know how, maybe the fault is in our brains.

Dr. ███████: It doesn't seem like you're able to answer that question. After all, you're unknown number.

SCP-762: I don't know. It's been several years or something. (Pauses) I don't know. Is that why they think I was just… changing how they understand the world, if that means anything?

Dr. ████████: I think that's a good question. Hmm, maybe there's a reason for that?

SCP-762: I guess I've always been stuck in a linear orbit around the Earth, you know? I guess the reason I've never been able to go on a long enough voyage, at least not for a while.

Dr. ████████████: You have never been an explorer before, have you?

SCP-762: I guess I'm not the first explorer. I guess they've had a long enough voyage. Anyway, never ask me anything about that, do you? (Pauses) I've forgotten about those guys, I'm sorry.

Dr. ██████████: Pardon?

SCP-762: It was them, anyway. They were guys who looked like me. They were a bit like me, but- but they were guys.

Dr. ████████: Well then, you forgot about them.

SCP-762: I remember them too. They looked like me.

Dr. ████████: I'll ask you a question, then. Have you ever known anybody named "Quaker Oats"?


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