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Item #: SCP-763

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-763 is currently a standard hardcover book that is in Foundation custody. The book has not been altered since the book's initial containment in 24███. The book must be read through a reference scanner at all times. All spreadsheets containing information regarding the book must be scanned at that time.

Description: SCP-763 is a hardcover book with a cover of the same composition as the original text. The book contains a set of instructions to recreate the effects of reading through the book. These instructions range from concepts about the afterlife to general information about the author, their description of SCP-763, and a brief History of Dictionaries.

Upon starting the book, participants will be presented with a special card that is activated if the book has been read through several times. Once the card is activated, the book will activate itself again. Once upon the activation of SCP-763, a copy will appear in the right hand corner of the screen. The print shows that the book is an edition of 1854 by John Milton — the novel that inspired the book's effect.

The essay, translated by the Manna Charitable Foundation, is reproduced below:

In his essay 'Distillation of Spirituality', John Milton invokes the "Lonely Artisans: An Artistic Response to Iran-Iraq War" as an inspiration to his spiritual journey. This essay is deter mined by a personal experience in the company of Dr. Miles O'Shaughnessy. Dr. O'Shaughnessy was the subject of a series of findings, monitored by the Foundation, of Subjects exhibiting a psychotropic effect. They were cataloged as \Dr Powers-Level Subjects. Dr. Powers-Level subjects were chosen due to their remote location (not affected by Foundation interests) and lack of any obvious social utilisation.

The essay begins with the declaration of the subject as an utterly free human being. The constant questioning from the idenciated about what exactly the subject can or can not really do is answered by a series of queries adhered to within the subject's consciousness. This sets up another high level of action in the mind: the immediate desire to explore the concept of absolute freedom, to discover what exactly it actually is by the admittedly limited means available to it, and to try and use it to its advantage. The present you shall see a set of reactions to psychological factors that may represent an early effort to establish more formalised purpose and identity.

After a period of several minutes, an opportunity arises to create a mastery of motivational and motivational acting that will be the subject's major asset in maintaining a constant performance of SCP-763. The subject is presented with the following instructions:

1.Mark the book with a large print-out of some kind.

2.Insert the sublimator into it.

3.Insert the sublimator into the book with the sublimator set to activate.

4.Insert the sublimator into the book at full volume.

5.Insert the sublimator.

6.Attend to and feel the value of the sublimator.

7.TAKE a walk in the direction of SCP-763 and find out what it does.

8.RELEASE the sublimator.

9.Release the sublimator.

10.Release the sublimator.

11.Release the sublimator.

12.Release the sublimator.

13.Release the sublimator.

14.Release the sublimator.

15.Release the sublimator.

16.Release the sublimator.

17.Release the sublimator.

18.Release the sublimator.

19.Release the sublimator.

20.Release the sublimator.

21.Release the sublimator.

22.Release the sublimator.

23.Release the sublimator.

24.Release the sublimator.

25.Release the sublimator.

26.Release the sublimator.

27.Release the sublimator.

28.Release the sublimator.

29.Release the sublimator.

30.Release the sublimator.

31.Release the sublimator.

32.Release the sublimator.

33.Release the sublimator.

34.Release the sublimator.

35.Release the sublimator.

36.Release the sublimator.

37.Release the sublimator.

38.Release the sublimator.

39.Release the sublimator.

40.Release the sublimator.

41.Release the sublimator.

42.Release the sublimator.

43.Release the sublimator.

44.Release the sublimator.


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