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Item #: SCP-767

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-767 is kept in its container in a secured storage locker at Site-76. Test has been approved for upon its release.

Description: SCP-767 appears to be a 1.5m*3m*2m*2m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*3m*03m*07m*12m*16m*18m*19m*20m*23m*25m*28m*32m*32m*32m*32m*32m*33m*37m*39m*40m*42m*46m*51m*58m*60 m*62 m*66 m*68 m*71 m*72 m*75 m*78 m*80 m*83 m*88 m*91 m*93 m*97 m*99 m*100 m*110 m*125 m*130 m*140 m*150 m*160 m*165 m*171 m*180 m*185 m*190 m*195 m*200 m*210 m*215 m*220 m*225 m*230 m*240 m*250 m*260 m*270 m*280 m*290 m*300 m*330 m*340 m*360 m*370 m*370 m*380 m*392 m*440 m*440 m*450 m*460 m*470 m*460 m*470 m*468 m*492 m*488 m*488 m*480 m*488 m*488 m*460 m*476 m*480 m*460 m*460 m*480 m*440 m*440 MIAQ MTF Kappa-6 "Bubsybuns" at Site-76 security for incident 3984-D.

The following message was sent to the site's internal network after an incident of individual or entities attempting to access SCP-767. After a bit of research, it was found that the person or entities calling the number had access to a number that was not known to any Foundation operatives in the field. Eventually, the call was traced to a selachian entity who managed to obtain the necessary funding and was then successfully taken over by an unknown individual. This entity was picked up by the Foundation after Foundation users found a masked individual disrupting security at the Site-76 perimeter and was contained.

Dr. Y. L. Andrews, Site-76 Head Researcher

Hello Dr. Andrews. Current status of containment is extremely low. We've got no idea who it is, and in the last few days there have been a couple of suspicious incidents made by some of our own. With that in mind, I've decided that we're better off with this event kept to its essence. It should be impossible for it to generate other instances of SCP-767-1. The probability of a third SCP-767-1 bearing the abilities of SCP-767-1 itself is 0. As you are undoubtedly aware, this is a major setback to our mission. This, combined with the medium mobile containment system used in quarantine, means that this event should last for some time.

I have also decided that in the interim, we need to be working on a plan to not only contain but also contain other anomalies. We'd like to use you as a conduit to help us find containment solutions. I know you have lots of interest in the area, but I'm afraid there aren't any better, more experienced, people in the field. I know you're young, but I'm sure that you'd be more interested in your lifetimes, if they actually matter to you. I thank you for your consideration.

I will now be focusing on our missions. I understand you've always had a special interest in Basic Science, and I have plenty of ideas on how to deal with it. I'm sure you've noticed that we're in a proximity of the Universe. I hope that you'll be interested in the area as well.


1. SCP-767 was found on September 22, 1967.

2. Within the month, Foundation personnel deduced that it had come to the attention of the Foundation in its ongoing efforts to contain the meta-universe, especially shake off its pernicious properties.

3. "Bubsybuns" was recently purchased by a Foundation front company, and prior personnel were informed to be aware of their connection to the

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