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Item #: SCP-772

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-772 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment unit with standard personnel apparel and supplies. All procedures regarding the containment of SCP-772 and the assignment of personnel are confirmed to be standard. An active Foundation monitoring election to determine the success or failure of SCP-772's containment has been suspended.

Description: SCP-772 is a male humanoid of unknown appearance in its capacity as a Level 4 security guard, designated SCP-772-01. It is specifically obsessed with sonic anomalies. It has considerable control over the sound of barbells at a soundproofed area known as the containment area. The security of the area is to be monitored at all times by personnel in the Site-42 personnel dormitory. Any attempts by personnel to communicate with SCP-772 have been met with an active Foundation monitoring campaign.

SCP-772-01 is 0.3 meters in height, with a muscular build and strong jaw. An SCP-682-like creature with a beard and piercing teeth has been placed in its bandaged arms and haunches. It has never been observed to notice personnel except in trials.

SCP-772-01 has demonstrated an ability to generate a loud noise that functions as a shock-jock to the room adjacent to its containment area. This noise has never been observed to be produced by direct physical contact with SCP-772-01. Attempts at avoiding this sound by other personnel outside containment have met with negative results.

During the events surrounding the containment of SCP-772, it was determined that the soundproofing at the containment area had contained the sound incorrectly. Attempts to relieve the current soundproofing had met with failure. Tethering has been used to relieve SCP-682's soundproofing while it is still unconscious.

SCP-682-01 claims to be an American folk hero of the group of the same name, Gentlefolk, and was once a member of its main band, the Gentlefolk.

SCP-682-01 has repeatedly requested an interview to see if it has any idea of what is happening to its SCP-682 control cell. It has so far refused to respond.

Item #: SCP-752

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation researchers are to monitor the activity of SCP-752 at Site-42. If any indication of anomalous activity is detected, SCP-752 is to be contained. No personnel are to approach this containment cell.

Description: SCP-752 was recovered from the woods of West Virginia in May of 2006, upon discovering SCP-752-01's containment cell. It was determined from research that SCP-752-01 was not being used. Despite that, SCP-752-01 was found in a living state, and appears to be about to begin a full-blown attack on the researchers currently occupying it.

Unfortunately, Foundation personnel are not permitted to approach this cell.

Item #: SCP-754

Object Class: Knowledge

Special Containment Procedures: Site-42 has been put under Level 4 security lockdown for the period of the SCP-754 containment breach, and is being guarded by five Level 4 security personnel.

Reasonable requests for reassignment to another Site should be made prior to the conclusion of this lockdown.

Description: Just prior to the restriction on the use of SCP-754, a containment breach was supposed to occur

The door to the SCP-754 containment cell opened, displaying "no one are permitted access". However, the door is open, allowing an adult male out of SCP-754’s eyes, giving it a direct line of sight to the adjoining cell.

the entity then transforms into a black-robed, humanoid form similar to its gangster-like "father" character.

The entity is able to change its form at will, taking all manner of shapes, and claims to be "an escaped convict from the dead zone". It is entirely uncoordinated and lacks the ability to speak, and spends most of its time in its humanoid form in an attempt to set up docking holes in its "mother".

after taking form, the entity moves, looking mainly for the entryway, but eventually finding the entrance to the cell and dragging it open, much to the consternation and horror of the guard personnel.

The entity then gives the security personnel a Nazi salute and continues its escape attempt.

But it's not enough, as SCP-754 insists upon seeing "boss" and the security personnel, creating a conflict which ends when the entity stops moving, declaring it to be dead.

Item #: SCP-759

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-759 is a wooden table, resting on a shelf along the north wall of Site-42. It is fitted with a speaker

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