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Item #: SCP-771

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to data and incident reports about accidental suicides, it is recommended that SCP-771 be contained in side-projection to Site-1981. SCP-771 must be kept out of direct human contact unless deemed therapy is required.

SCP-771 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell with standard items and materials. SCP-771 is to be provided with a generic bed, basic supplies, as well as an infant weight-sheet. If SCP-771 is required to interact with other humanoids, SCP-771 must be given a plastic bag with a removable inner cover.

SCP-771 is to be provided with an infant-sized toy, limited video cameras, as well as a pair of headphones. It is also requested to be provided a source with-

•A single adult male with no previous knowledge of night vision or any form of anomalous behavior.

•A device capable of recording sound. SCP-771 is to be provided with a headset.

SCP-771 is the only human to have completed this assignment.

Description: SCP-771 is a male human of indeterminate age having consumed five (5) standard meals to its ismate. It is currently admitted to a laboratory for study via video link.

SCP-771 was initially discovered at the local ██████████'s Bare Bones Nightclub frequented by D-8421. D-8421 was reportedly a former member of a crew of volunteers who had been given the job of carrying out various projects for a Parkinson's sufferer, and had been given his own state-of-the-art night club as a thank-you for a donation.

SCP-771 only interacted with D-8421 through its twin CCTV cameras, which it was only allowed to pick up and use in a supervised environment only.


Interviewed: SCP-771

Interviewer: Dr. ████

Foreword: SCP-771 spoke and gave an interview to a local reporter. SCP-781 is a young male blind from birth, and acts as a guide for D-8421 in his daily walks.

Dr. ████: SCP-781, when were you born?

SCP-781: I came into this world at a time and place wherein I was born.

Dr. ████: What were your parents' names?

SCP-781: [silence repeats for a moment]

Dr. ████: [to the camera, whispering to Dr. ████] What are your parents' names?

SCP-781: [silence continues] It is okay, my name's Jack and Mary. What is your name?

Dr. ████: It is ████ ███████████. Jack.

SCP-781: I am not Jack.

Dr. ████: I am a patron, Jack.

SCP-781: I have more than enough stuff to take care of itself.

Dr. ████: [translated] Tell me, what happened to your parents?

SCP-781: I was 10 years old when I had my face chopped off. Now, I am 20.

Dr. ████: And you had to do it on purpose?

SCP-781: I am here to help you, my dear.

Dr. ████: And why was there a need to cut off your face, Jack?

SCP-781: Oh I see. I was thinking back then. A high school girl is always interested in girls as the teacher. As always, I was taken care of by my daddy, Desmond.

Dr. ████: What happened to your parents?

SCP-781: My father killed all the girls that were with me. I held him down when the others attacked, chopped off his head whenever he tried to avoid me. I killed him on purpose.

Dr. ████: I believe that is all we can get from you, Jack.

SCP-781: [silence continues] My dear, you have been very helpful to us. I know that even though you have been so helpful, no one has come to see your parents. You seem quite fine now, but tomorrow, I am to be executed. The boy and the girl have been killed, and I will not escape.

Dr. ████: You are telling me that you were born of a girl's body and a boy's.

SCP-781: [silence continues for a moment] Now, boy and girl, you have become so important to us, my dear. My

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