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Item #: SCP-770

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The area around SCP-770 is to be contained within a standard containment cell. At least one security camera and electromagnetic fence (9m fence) via a fabric cover is to be maintained in the area.

Yield and perimeter perimeter of SCP-770 are to be kept below 10m. Any unauthorized occupants are to be detained and interrogated. All occupants are to be forcibly removed.

SCP-770 has no effect on nearby non-anomalous buildings, structures or humans.

Description: SCP-770 is a small structure (five hundred square meters in area) in ███████, New Mexico. It is located on a scale of eight to seventeen meters, and extends on one side of the wall. On the other side of the wall is a door marked with a 1m-high logo (the interior is comparable to a standard building door). A wooden panel on the door is adorned with a series of intricate designs, and emits a low humming noise when illuminated. Inside the painting inside of the panel is a series of paintings that depict various animals. The number on the panel has been obliterated from the painting, and is currently unknown.

SCP-770's interior does not display any anomalous properties. SCP-770 remains in a calm, silent state, and has not attempted to communicate since discovery. SCP-770 was not discovered at the time of discovery, and has not been observed since then.

Further investigation of SCP-770 is pending.

Addendum 770-A: Incident Report

On 16/09/20██, while a pedestrian found a Space Feeder on a street corner, it was discovered that he had been lured into it. As all pedestrians suspected of being a Space Feeder, they were detained by Foundation operatives, and the space fed by D-class personnel. All D-class personnel were questioned and administered amnestics. The Space Feeder itself was left behind.

Addendum 780-A: An Interview

Interviewed: D-7658-3

Interviewer: Dr. Daniel Kruger

Foreword: The following interview was conducted by Dr. Daniel Kruger, a Level 3 researcher at Site-81. The interview was conducted as part of Project Koumpos, a Foundation-funded study into the possibility of an unknown entity or object moving through the anomalous spaces of SCP-770 and the surrounding surrounding area.

Dr. Kruger: Hello. Please answer two questions first, please.

D-7658-3: (Pauses) Yes, this interview is very simple. We are located in a small clearing at a level three facility. We are here to learn more about your...

Dr. Kruger pauses, then turns to the interview by D-7658-3.

Dr. Kruger: Thank you for allowing me to familiarize you with what you are, SCP-770. Please tell me about how you came here.

SCP-770: Of course! I came here naturally with every random thief in the world, right?

Dr. Kruger: That is correct, under the guise of doing some stuff. Why did you come here?

SCP-770: I never thought about it. I came here just to be where I had always wanted to be.

Dr. Kruger: Hmm. Well, then what happened to you?

SCP-770: I was always happy. As far as I know, I am doing here for this one time. You guys are pretty horrible with people. I guess that is why I never thought to do it.


Interview terminated.

Addendum 780-B: 20██26/██/20██

Interviewed: SCP-761

Interviewer: Dr. Daniel Kruger

Foreword: The following interview was conducted shortly after the containment of SCP-770 and the life cycle of SCP-761.

Dr. Kruger: OK, please tell me about this one time.

SCP-761: It was just us, all of us. They thought we were doing some stuff. They thought we didn't want to talk about it, like they were doing stuff all the time. Like, just us. We were the ones you shit like.

Dr. Kruger: I understand. You were a really bad guy.

SCP-761: I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I'm sure you guys hate me all the time. Every time you see us. That is what you hate. I'm sorry for what happened, I guess.

Dr. Kruger: Of course. Understood. We will take care of that.

SCP-761: I don't know if I've said anything so

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