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Item #: SCP-769

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-769 is to be stored in a standard containment locker provided by SCP Foundation. It should be kept in its chamber at all times. If it is discovered that it is unable to leave its chamber, personnel are to be notified immediately.

Description: SCP-769 is a walnut-shaped ball, 20cm in diameter, that weighs 1.6 kilograms. Please see Document 769-A for more detailed information on the object and its anomalous properties. The different layers of the object show a different pattern, with higher layers showing a lower pattern. All non-anomalous sheets have been thinned to the inside, with the thickening of the compound covering the edges.

SCP-769's containment chamber is located in [REDACTED], a factory-like warehouse in [REDACTED] where most of the hexagon designating machinery used to manufacture the product was located. All characters, including numbers, letters, and numbers, throughout its design include the dimensions and weight of the product. If the item is removed from the containment chamber, the ceiling immediately drops by 6 centimeters, and the 30cm long, 9cm wide, 5cm thick, and 2cm thick ball significantly less than the height of the structure.

Document 769-A

More information

SCP-769 was discovered after several grave diggers illegally removed a sealed vault from the site of a labor camp on the outskirts of [REDACTED], to be auctioned off for scrap at the local thrift shop.

edit] See SCP-749

Addendum 769-1: The finds of two policemen that shot up SCP-769's containment room have been analyzed closely. The district attorney was alerted when a gym coworker heard a report of a similar event at her job, and sent a command team to investigate. The incident was met by immediate opposition from the instructor that had such a small hold over the Class-D, and was quickly neutralized.

There is the intense feeling of being watched on, the immediate expectation that some) other or someone will come and shut us down, and then you've got to face the fucking world. You can't hide from it, not to any thoughtful person. When you have that feeling, you are not deterred at all by threats or threats of violence or resistance tactics, because if you do you think that you can kill someone before anyone else can attackā€¦ well, at least we will have killed someone. If that's the case, then we won't be attacked, we won't be neutralized. It is only a matter of time until someone comes forward and takes our weapons, and we won't be able to come back.

I can promise you that if it happens again, we will bring them to justice.

Note: I have brought back that the pictures included in the notes for SCP-682 are from the day 1 of the First Impact Event.

Incident 769-001

Day 1

The boys found loose ends, and made a truce, and went back to work. The company he works for went up by a few percent, but we did the best we could to make it up in the industry. It was a tough market for the services provided, considering there weren't any young girls involved. When we reach peak demand, we can expect a massive increase in the value of our product, as well as the intensity of product marketing. It is, however, a surprise to see so many people jump at the chance to take advantage of our tools.

We just need to get used to being publicly known as a valued brand.

Incident 769-002

Day 7

We've been experimenting on our product, you see. I'm not going to lie to you, we've been working with it for a long time. We've tried our hand, we tried our luck, but we left it up to the boys. The boys at the camp didn't say a word. They weren't aware of their new status. They were just in it for the punishment. We told them we were working some kind of project, and that the ban was on the face of our product, so they'd have to get it. They didn't understand, but they took our word for it. When they realized we were looking at them, they didn't let on the staff. That's what the men around. We got them all in, and they just passed them around like little toys. They didn't care about them. It was clear at the time it was a gag that didn't last long. They wanted a refund. It was a desperate ploy to make us shut down. We just hoped for the best.

We have had a supply run of the product, so we can't be sure exactly what happened with the first "collapse" of our product.

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