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Item #: SCP-774

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-774 is to be guarded by at least one security component composed of thin concrete door (see report here). A perimeter fence is to be maintained around the building at all costs. For safety, no causalities are to be recorded that would result in the destruction of SCP-774. SCP-774 is to be maintained at a rate of one kilometer/hour.

Description: SCP-774 is an unknown "factory" located in ███████ ████████ County, USA. It is approximately a kilometer in size, and has a floor that rises to 8 meters in height. Inside, it is composed of five (5) basalt steps, each roughly 40 centimeters in height.

SCP-774 is capable of producing items that cannot be produced naturally or consumed naturally within a human body. Due to the existence of a body, such items are capable of being manufactured within the body, such as teeth or fingernails from the body.

All items produced by SCP-774 will not be usable by an adult human.

SCP-774 was discovered on ██/██/35, when the factory was raided by local police. The suspects were found to possess a number of items, most of which had not been produced within the factory in the past. An attempt to steal the items resulted in a shooting of police officers that ended with the one police officer killed. The four (4) police officers were not harmed.

SCP-774 appears to be controlled by a single entity. The location of SCP-774 is currently located in ███████ ████████ County in ████████ County, USA.

SCP-774 was discovered with the following items:

•1 bottle of "Sackboy Liquor" from Springfield, Arkansas

•1 bottle of Rum flavored Whiskey

•1 tube of Maker's Mark brand whiskey

•1 bottle of "Trent Reznor's Vocalizer"

•1 cream cheese from the cheese shop of Springfield, Arkansas

•1 bottle of "Riboflavin" brand beer

•1 box of Häagen-Dazs brand cognac

•1 box of "Moët & Chandon" brand rum

•1 box of "McNasty" brand vodka

•1 box of "Sterry's" brand cognac

SCP-774 is thought to be the origin of "Porkchop Gin" amongst the American public.

Addendum 1 - Interview with Dr. Herman Herman Lucidon


Interviewed: Dr. Herman Lucidon, Human Resources

Interviewer: Researcher Carey

Foreword: Dr. Lucidon conducts research on the location of SCP-774 in order to investigate the potential multi-species nature of SCP-774.

Dr. Lucidon: Hey, do you mind if I ask you a few questions, somehow?

Dr. Haas: Why? Why are you trying to make me drink so much?

Dr. Lucidon: Oh, "could my life be better if I drink less, am I ever fake?"

Dr. Haas: No. No, I meant "boy, how long have I waited for you to make me drink so much?"

Dr. Lucidon: I was hoping to ask you a few questions regarding your "factory."

Dr. Haas: Well, I don't know if it's made at home or if I'm supposed to drink "mystery liquor." But if it's made in US, it's cheap, and I'll get away with eating it.

Dr. Lucidon: But there's an "supplier" for you. Do you know the name or the flavors of the "supplier?"

Dr. Haas: I saw the name on your container.

Dr. Lucidon: I see.

Dr. Haas: So, which company is named after you?

Dr. Lucidon: I… I don't know.

Dr. Haas: The "supplier" will tell me. Your "factory" is located in ████████ County, USA.

Dr. Lucidon: I — I don't understand.

Dr. Haas: I don't care. Keep the conversation in the family.

Dr. Lucidon: That's fine. But I'll remind myself that you were working for the "supplier."

Dr. Haas: … Then who's going to be releasing it? Why is it called "Porkchop Gin…"

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