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Item #: SCP-775

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-775 is to be maintained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-██ in a 6m x 6m x 3m Class 4 Living Cell. SCP-775 is to be accompanied by at least two guards and a field-artillery unit should any of the original designations "Sovereign Title" be compromised or more than one designation be compromised. Mobile Task Force Theta-13 has been established to track and recover any estate owned by the deceased subject.

Description: SCP-775 is a humanoid, presumed to be 1.46 meters in height, with anomalous abilities similar in nature to that of the local unicorn. Its coat is dark olive green in coloration and and is embossed with a stylized floral design. Upon closer inspection, however, the coat has an irregular pattern of the colored blocks; research has determined that SCP-775's children may be several blocks stronger. SCP-775's rashes are very light in tone, and have the characteristic chocolate coloration. Additionally, certain portions of SCP-775's Special Foundation Adornment (shades) have been removed to reveal larger parts of SCP-775's face. SCP-775 has over three dozen orifices present, presumably designed to resemble a variety of wishes: encircled with furs, wearing a fur-lined short robe with a smaller dress; dashing in a black coat; holding a feathery don coat; and so on.

SCP-775 normally displays a variety of anomalous abilities; the most notable of these are the flanks, which perform unnatural operations within the body analogous to that of SCP-083. These were designed to preserve the body and dress while functioning as "go-bos" to help SCP-775 ease the post-mortem physical aspects of SCP-775's Life. The flanks are precision instruments designed to gradually articulate and generate SCP-775's wishes, and are capable of transferring the desired wishes to various parts of the body. The flanks always depart the body at the same time, and rarely rotate, although they do not fall apart if struck.

SCP-775 possesses no outward facial structure; only its arms are capable of movement; no material is able to impede these movements. SCP-775's skin also extends out over its limbs, with no visible skin, however, much of it sometimes splits easily. This scaling allows SCP-775 to maintain a balance between the flanks and the bodies of the other, as well as pairing the separate limbs of both.

SCP-775 does not show reaction to non-anomalous forms of material; they will transmit their wishes to the selected parts of its body while suffocating. When exposed toanimate materials, however, SCP-775 will rapidly evolve. Translating the wishes into physical objects becomes a challenge; SCP-775 has only been known to create playing cards in order to manipulate the adjustments; such a device was discovered in its home. Materials are sometimes mechanically displaced before the object is moved farther, which may cause local spontaneity when moving. Subject is also unable to remove the artificial directives; it will only place their individual wishes back into the centre of its body.

SCP-775 also displays complete knowledge of the nature and purposes of its construction, as well as how they will physically manifest. Due to SCP-775's bulky build, practically all of its special furniture and coatpieces are composed of high-tech materials and of intricate appearance. SCP-775 seems to have a particularly difficult time when the coatpiece is heavily damaged; if SCP-775 is in contact with the surrounding environment, it will explode with a sensation similar to a strong caustic liquid. Foundation agents have gathered that of the outside, SCP-775 is invisible, actually, though it is now capable of stimulating other parts of the area by drawing on soil; one of SCP-775's daughters, however, was able to work around the imitation cloak and transplant the part of her clothing to the coat.

This design is indicative of a late 21st century-era SCP-775; her offspring was well engaged in fabrication. Notable in-house architectural design consists of a number of errors; see belowab.

When ordered to make some furniture in an artistic manner, SCP-775 will fill its entire body with flanks with the desired reach, then ask for a sample of the desired item (typically mutton or rabbit), and proceed to assemble the table; the will-

SCP-775 disengages its components, then lights its coat with a shining orange flame thread while searching for desired items. Individual items will then be incorporated into SCP-775's hooves. Almost as soon as the most important item is created, the coat will reverse, and snap apart. This material will typically fall away in its old state as it would if the item were entirely removed, and the process will return

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