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Item #: SCP-776

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: To prevent learning of SCP-776, SCP-776 has been furnished with its kitchen, bathroom, and unused HVAC studs. A committee has been formed to craft a story praising SCP-776, and to ensure that this tale remains relevant when SCP-776 is used for research or for research. SCP-776 is twenty-three (23) meters in height, and fifteen (15) meters in length. Any knowledge of the method of its construction requires Level 2 or higher authorization. Due to SCP-776's 'dysfunctional' toxicity, and the level of public knowledge, normal containment procedures were not maintained; tracking of the SCP-776 cat's containment department via email is currently under consideration.

Inspection of SCP-776's current containment unit was lead by Dr. ████, however, several critters (including an infant, a human, and an animal) were returned by accident. They are currently in containment for further study.

Description: SCP-776 is a four-story building, roughly three (3) square meters in location and one hundred and forty (120) square meters in volume. It is inhabited solely by human subjects inhabiting SCP-776 at the time of its construction. Testing of potential anomalous properties of the building is not permitted, due to the significant risk of shock to those involved. Personnel in the possession of access to SCP-776 shall be given routine immunity from the effects of SCP-776's anomalous properties.

SCP-776 was initially set up by a sculptor named S██████ █████████, originally from ███████. Reference to the actual sculptor, through forensic evidence, was presumed invalid over a philosophical position that S███████ was a hoax. This clouded conclusion would later fr tone the statue's appearance to be more convincing when observed in a state of disrepair or ill health.

SCP-776 was discovered following an 18 year-long investigation into the vandalism of several HVAC joints, leading to the construction of the building's center. When SCP-776's interior had been thoroughly inspected, the interior was found in its original condition, apart from certain forms of deterioration. Attempts by the building's architects to integrate the museum and its secrets into the building's design were to be met with immediate, violent opposition. Many of the architectural designs quote the work of a Smith, Day, and Company of sculptors. In this sense, SCP-776 resembles an attempt at a James Bond special.

Key Documents

1. Thesis: The Architecture of S███████ ███████, Constructor of SCP-██6

Abridged Transcript

The following document is a partially complete copy of S██████ ███████'s unaltered technical specs prior to her construction of the SCP-776 cat. S██████ ███████ is now a Foundation Agent in the custody of the MTF Alpha-4.

SCP-776 cat has evolved the ability to store and use its smaller still-life counterpart to escape and escape from enemies. Stealth technique While being quick and maneuverable, S██████, as an Architect, has the ability to traverse a pattern of corridors and hallways. Self-preservation as a Companion has dictated that self-preservation is as paramount as quickly and effectively acquiring territor ipsum. Sociological analysis has confirmed that S██████ ███████ not only possesses the capacity for defense, but also a unique and favourable personality. Interaction with her Companion is by no means to be undertaken lightly — S██████ ███████ may provoke aggression in any manner, yet it is the Companion’s best chance at survival.

S██████ ███████ flees assailants.

That’s the simplest form of identification. S██████ ███████ by herself is an efficient, unprotected and deliverable adversary. But, I need to understand how. How does she feel when she’s already dead? For all this that she can do, with a Companion? The Companion is a passive subject, a passive anomalous object that can be influenced and manipulated. It is a product of human interaction with the Architect. It is the subject. But, hopefully, it is not the only direct consequence of that interaction.

The Companion she’s sharing her knowledge with is not unconscious. She may suffer backlash from its distrust. But, ultimately, she must. S██████ ███████ has five (5) reasons why S██████ ███████ may conflict with the Companion.






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