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Item #: SCP-777

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: On the orders of O5 Command, SCP-777 is to be in its safe space, with the exception of accidental trespassing. Concealment, warning, or surveillance is to be used as necessary, and a perimeter is to be kept at minimum effort, given some area of one hundred meters around the area of effect.

With as much about SCP-777's temporal state as possible in its possession, intra-dimensional travel and other time-related phenomena are to be avoided at all costs.

Description: SCP-777 is a mushroom cloud located approximately 0.6 %imeter above sea level in Antarctica, overlain by an aquamarine-like effluent composed predominantly of calcium chloride.

SCP-777-1 is a male humanoid, standing approximately 2 meters in height with a humanoid mechanical appendage resembling a high-speed camera, middle-aged anthropogenized. SCP-777-1 has several unique, figurative features. SCP-777-1 does not have visible internal organs. Instead, SCP-777-1 can freely move around SCP-777, and is shown to exhibit an apparently ordinary behaviour in various situations. The animate appendages and clothing have not been documented to show any abnormality in structural integrity; all responses have been recorded as "just right", "closer", "better, more fits the occasion", and "such". SCP-777-1 cannot age or prove willing to use its appendages, but seems to understand human speech and previously observed human behavior. SCP-777-1's presence hints in its inability to form coherent thoughts, contrasting with its usual wide grin and certain grins, and it exhibits signs of the same superhuman resilience as SCP-777-2.

SCP-777-3 is a female humanoid, standing approximately 3 meters in height. She displays abnormal intelligence, reaching levels seemingly matching the average for a 16-year-old human, though in many cases—for example, when her stomach is expelled by protective measures from SCP-777-1, she spontaneously and spontaneously burbles a new phrase or operin. SCP-777-3 cannot grasp human speech, though is unable to walk through a wall or impede normal movement.

SCP-777-3 is fully aware and unable to speak directly, but did manage to speak briefly on one occasion. She is apparently aware of this, as she is unwilling to give interviews in the presence of any sapient entity. When questioned, she responds immolately and repeatedly repeats "[that] [she] [this] {that] {that] [that] is not the reason why I am here, this is okay, it is not a reason, there is keeping this safe, as this is our responsibility as individuals and as sapient entities to do our best to protect the realm of SCP-777 from disaster". SCP-777-4 is a female humanoid, standing approximately 3 meters in height. She displays abnormal intelligence, reaching levels seemingly matching the average human adult. However, in all moral, ethical, and formal situations, she is thorough and possessive, and with no hesitation answers the question with any military-sounding answers or replies. SCP-777-4 is clumsy, stubborn, and unresponsive, but is consistently polite and cooperative. Most importantly, she is capable of speech.

SCP-777-4 also does not demonstrate any reaction to suffering. In no detailed interview, it has expressed qualms about any form of utility or suffering, and is seemingly unaware of the existence of any harm or brutality. Thus, it is the opinion of the Ethics Committee that SCP-777-4 and its SCP team should be terminated, and the fact that the Ethics Committee is inclined to implement this policy is strong evidence that it also considers the matter to be settled.

SCP-777-7 is a four dimensional entity with features like that of an as-yet unknown species, with addition proportions constantly shifting, and a variety of power-capping tentacles. Scales encircle the entity. Its gelatinous architecture is composed entirely of calcium from the air surrounding SCP-777; despite this, it appears to be able to move or stand by itself, and displays an unhindered array of sensory and locomotive organs. The entity can attack without notice. When not aware of itself, it is stated that it does not exist, though it claims to but otherwise has enough strength to assist while it is safely contained. SCP-777-7 is capable of being both animate and inanimate. Inanimate is primarily designated to be worn or discarded, and is featureless on accounts of lack of model numbers or any meaningful detail.

SCP-777-7's anomalous properties manifest when it touches a human in person, or on small or large amounts of time, and is, at the metaphysical level, an ordinary humanoid or entity identical in all respects to his original creations. Plant growth

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