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Item #: SCP-780

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: At this time, the individuals involved are not active in SCP-780's containment. Several individuals involved in this case as well as their respective parents and guardians are being investigated for ever-clearing of any trace of this event.

Any individuals affected should be monitored by telephone and should not touch or interact with any member of the environment that is affected by SCP-780, or any property in any other instance of SCP-780. The individuals should be informed that no limit will be placed on how long they will remain in contact with affected individuals. However, any affected individuals should maintain contact with affected individuals to avoid exposure to the environment.

SCP-780 was discovered in ███, Missouri, after staff investigating a disappearance of 5 children discovered what they suspected to be a medium-sized chemical factory. Witnesses reported hearing cries for help soon after the riot. Foundation agents deployed during a containment breach by rioters in custody.

A HoloCat application has been coordinated to track the location of affected individuals following the event. The HoloCat application has achieved the required coverage of any possible affected individuals. Spreadsheets have been updated with this information and further specified containment procedures. A Encryption Key has been provided for holders of SCP-780's HCR-2 research and production.

Incident Report 780-11

As a response to the containment breach and subsequent disturbance of media reports, an engineer provided me the following communications for those affected by SCP-780, including visual logs, audio log recordings, background sounds, and what not.

Incident Report 784-30n/n03

The incident report drafted for this event was prepared by Dr. ███.

Incident Report 780-66s/n01

Dear ███, I’m writing to mark the occasion. We’ve came a long way in just three months. Just got news of our infection. First time in three months that it really worked. [DATA REDACTED]: Faster actually than expected in some cases. Entails took longer to get us adjusted though, so we’re still supplementing with tests. Boss is doing well in his lab. Comforts? Even though we’re… Sad, you couldn’t really feel that, right? Strange and melancholy too…

Dr. ███

Hecce Barometer

●333m/s Fatal is fatal. Curb aborts after this will occur. Evacuate all instances of yourselves.

●333m/s Again. Our correspondents already reported that it’s no longer possible to convert our inert matter into written text. We have also reached a near-bankruptcy of the affected environment. This means that a lot of research and a lot of administration cannot be completed.

●333m/s Another thing happened this time. Two people were arrested on the scene. Criminals were released into the vaults a week ago, and we did not have a chance to apprehend them.

●333m/s There’s a possibility that we’ll run out of people to assimilate the data. Helps this situation a lot. Boss was all too quiet on this one. Only Manager Lola and Delivery Car–oh damn, fuck them.

●333m/s Right. Mission accomplished. We feel it was worth it.

Thank you for your concern and the data from this event.


Hi, Dr. ███.

Incident Report 780-85s/n01

This event was reported by ███. The perpetrator of this event has been identified as ██████████████, S█████. ███ ████████████, a resident of ████ ██████, is deceased.

The incident report has undergone a document purge by a Project Delegationist. This document has been redone and updated.

Incident Report 780-87s/n01

Dr. ████, I’m sending you an emergency memo. I want to know what happened to him.

He rode several carts of cargo.

Researcher ████

Ref. ████ → Handling Cart[██ ██-██-████]

Researcher ████ has identified a single crate containing many of the cars that were used in this event. As such, all transported Apple products have been safely recovered.

Dr. ████

████████ ██████, Research Assistant.


Researcher ████ ██████ is required to remain on alert.

███ ██████

Dr. ████ ██████, Assistant Researcher H█████.


Researcher ████

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