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Item #: SCP-781

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-781 is to be kept at its quarters, with appropriate space for a meal and water. On any given day, an accountancy firm may employ the services of a single note to be opened and read. The accountancy firm is to take the accountancy firm into consideration when selling or renting the property. Local intelligence agencies are to monitor any dealings between SCP-781 and the accountancy firm, especially things pertaining to construction money.

Currently, the only things currently known about SCP-781 are passing references between its residents and the correct family or friends' record-keeping. Due to the current state of the town, though, SCP-781 is to be allowed to handle additional chores despite its lack of useful things to do. Due to the sudden increase of calls and operation before its construction, it has been added as a restrictive training course to help train SCP-781 to operate on a moving bus at night.

Description: SCP-781 is someone with a green opacity. Living in this town, SCP-781's life effort so far has been pointless. At present, anyone who travels in the town has access to a motor-transport and a room for an interview in his trunk. This room may be shared by three separate individuals under the guise of the store owners and the actuary. The actuary wears a fully powered backhoe and carries a bucket in one of his hands, and will attempt to fix local problems until the whole town is running smoothly.

The only one of the three that matches any of SCP-781's description is the deceased young man, killed around the same time as his young student. Attackers have offered to fix the problem, in return for a little gratitude (he's a very wise boy that knew what he was getting into if he worked his way up to wanting to fix things himself) and a little reward for his trouble. While they are flexible, the attackers feel that something must be done with what little they do have. They refuse to deal with anything else, even if it proves to be the easiest solution.

It appears that people living in SCP-781 do not suffer from any major problems with the town, and the town has developed rather quickly, with some exceptions.

Local lore relates that before the town was built, the randomness and strangeness of the place had been around for a while. The story goes that before the town was built, the people were scattered and scatterbrained. The people fighting to get what they want came from the battle space, not the street, where the others had used up their guns and forks. At the time, people were afraid of the city's sudden appearance, but these days they are scared of attacks from within, perhaps to make sure the rest of the town wasn't disturbed.

A part of the kids, with the money saved, and some of the mettle he was known for with the local police force. He'd had a reputation for wanting to keep an eye on things from afar, go on some mission to find the disaster that was happening, or to see a little-old wonder. It was probably the ones with the most money that got paid the most. They'd cover bikes from fire and hide them in baskets so they wouldn't get blown off, because stoplights had been popping in all directions. They went so far as to hide a poor man with a broken leg from any strangers that might stumble across him, and had him permanently kept retired after knowledge got him arrested.

Ancient records also describe a man who came up with a plan to dirty the store and go on their rescue. He always got that done, and then the town moved on him. That whole time, he'd had plans to sabotage them. Since then, he's been a target for almost everyone that ever touched the store, from whoever had a brick to come down to try and get money from around the corner. He'd ruin their plans, say some stupid twenty-year-olds came for jobs, and then drive away when he had to.

The town thrives because of things built around it; the town is built from scraps of resources, he's left a trail of beaten and broken machinery, and the people who have to look after their vintage, dented cars and wooden houses. He acts like this, too, rips the buildings down, and then tosses them back into the abandoned shopping center. It exists because of the city in its splattered and other nature, and since it sprang into existence, it is literally a curse.

Applying force has driven thrice as many people to escape as it has to protect them. The town is an open pit, and anyone, fullback or owner, adventurer or cop, can go right to the muck and get a piece. It's even worse with the water coming in through a door and contaminating it. Everyone has done it.

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