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Item #: SCP-783

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation monitors, agents, and field agents are to monitor the Arkadia Media development studios per usual. When a customer wishes to purchase SCP-783, or any similar items, they must provide all items and no items to the Foundation. If the customer wishes to purchase items of an SCP-class, the customer must call the store where the items reside.

Description: SCP-783 is a ██████ Whiskey at a time when any product can be purchased online with a credit card. Once an SCP-class item is obtained, the figure of an entity, vaguely humanoid in the appearance of a woman with large, round, dark red lips (designated SCP-784) will appear. Based on initial interviews, SCP-785 is identified as [REDACTED] and acts as a financial adviser to the SCP Foundation. A series of SCP-extralegal anomalous effects are exhibited when SCP-785 is approached by a group of at least ten. Humanoid manifestations of SCP-785 are notably stronger in public areas such as airports and other public buildings.

An SCP-785 manifestation is capable of stealing money and items from any commercial sales center, bill collectors, or other businesses and takes possession of the [REDACTED]. The closest possession to place of the situation will be the customer itself. Due to the danger of the situation, all people are to keep their approved purse to disguise their activities. Humanoid manifestations of SCP-785 will pay the bills of a sales shop during the while the sales center is open.

If the customer does business with any site other than the web, [REDACTED] will be able to provide the myth of a (Level 4/783-3/255) Chicago Wind. Unless SCP-784 and [REDACTED] are being observed in such place, sales to this space are strictly prohibited by order of [REDACTED.

An SCP-785 manifestation is unable to obtain stolen goods. However, any result of buying or selling any product will follow the customer. Following this, the best target for containment is any of the retail stores or consignment establishments that sold the product for a reasonable profit, and anyone he has consulted for this. Attached files:

Prepared by the Senior Office of Site-316 Head Researcher Kasimir Atanasov, Dr. 411, Site-316


1. Observed Any solicitation that references [DATA EXPUNGED]

2. In writing Foundation containment procedures on [DATA EXPUNGED], will follow as soon as possible, as well as allowing media to continue to convey information.

SCP-785 is not to be brought into contact with any human meat products. It will not harm an omniglot. If the consumption of SCP-785 results in any of the usual psychological reactions, test subjects are advised not to consume it until full contact is stopped and the effects have improved.

Any public access to [REDACTED] where the SCP-785 is being sold or purchased may be considered as an attack. Gaining information about the subject of an SCP-785 manifestation is illegal and can easily lead the Foundation into retaliation.

Description: SCP-783 is a turquoise colored whiskey called "The World's Best Whiskey". Merchandise shows almost no photographs and only quasi-audio tape translations. The label is black, and reads "100% raw and cold distilled from small red grapes". Similar products are available in several bars across the world, although they are rarely found outside of the U.S. or foreign markets.

SCP-785 is inconsistent. Item descriptions exhibit similar traits to other entries in Ware Brand excepting the addition of the SMG brand personality to the percolation process. The Most · ShowShu


SCP-785 A-1 (edited): Percolating by themselves, The World's Best Whiskey takes on an unlimited, pink hue.

SCP-785 A-2 (edited): Percolating by themselves, The World's Best Whiskey takes on an indigo hue.

SCP-785 A-3 (edited): Percolating by themselves, The World's Best Whiskey takes on a sense of ministrations.

SCP-785 M (edited): Percolating through the eye, beginning with the interior of the eye.

SCP-785 N (edited): Percolating through the nose, taking on a black and almond-hue tint.

SCP-785 P (edited): Percolating through the ear, taking on the hue of pink.

SCP-785 N3 (edited): Percolating through the mind, taking on the hue of high-end cognitohazardous scents.

SCP-785 O (edited): Percolating through the heart, taking on an edgy sludge.

SCP-785 P4 (edited): Percol

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