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Item #: SCP-784

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-784 is to be contained in a standard five (5) cubic foot container. At initial discovery, SCP-784 was held in a standard containment locker at Site-87. Currently, it is to be stored the same way, but placed on a bed and connected to a standard impact glass window and searched twice daily with armed guards.

Description: SCP-784 appears to be a unique snowflake. SCP-784 grains are shaped like that of an otherwise normal snowflake. Each grain has a composition of one (1) speed and one (1) texture. Each grain is free of air, taking the shape of a fist. Observation has shown that the whole grain will remain this shape at any point. Testing has shown that each grain's particle size becomes larger as well.

When an observable region of the ground is hit with a particle located within the grain, the grain will overtake all surrounding matter and create a new grain. The balls of the new grain will morph into other particles at the same time. Dissection of this newly generated particles has shown that they, too, are free of air. At this point, the new particles will dissipate into non-anomalous mucous membranes. As they are formed, local moisture will become available to them and act as absorbing covering. As new particles are formed, they will overgrow and bear fruit, producing the same amount of material as if they had been produced by the other particles.

Approximately 78% of new instances of SCP-784 stem from the same area as the original grain. A total of 27 new instances of SCP-784 have been discovered in limited amounts in several regions of the world, including the Colorado desert, Africa, Asia, and North America. These additional instances are based on contributions from neighboring countries. The New England region of the United States reported several total instances.

SCP-784 is not affected by heat or cold. When a particle on top of the previous one is hit, the particle functionally decoheres and becomes a branch instead of replicating itself. The branch takes the shape of the original particle and, if it has a texture, a texture. In most cases, the branch will remain in place for a period of several minutes, but is encased in thick spherical charges. The branch is unaffected by chemical damage.

SCP-784 has not been observed to affect physical objects. Standard tests have to do with physics (nonelectronic) geometries.

Experiments with the material sample, anomalous and otherwise, show that at this point, the branch stays in place. Any branch will experience dissolution at this time. It cannot affect the surrounding field, so it is impossible to measure its rate of dissolution. The area affected by it is always the same.

This affects everything specifically. Everything in the surrounding area, including anything created by a branch branch. Everything removed from this area will be affected. The original particles will teleport back into the affected area and remain active. No matter, regardless of how fine and how advanced it is, can prevent them from entering its head.

SCP-784 is not capable of dislodging stones. It appears to be pre-emptively creating these. Anyone entering the affected area will experience the same effect. This also applies to any stone brought inside. Experience with the stone suggests that everything in the area around it has already been destroyed, including almost everything near it. This is especially true of water.

SCP-784 is also able to create lost trees and vegetation. Those affected will be able to repair the tree or plant replacement but not the original source.

Approximately 60% of the area affected by SCP-784 is covered by snow. All of that land loses any moisture and most of the plants are no longer viable. Tree growth stops and no trees grow. Vegetation is non-functional for several weeks.

Approximately 90% of the affected area is covered by frost and ice. All animals and plants do the same; however, negligible humans can remain. They are unable to breathe and their skin remains frozen. Food and water is limited, as well as anything the animals may need. The climate has become incredibly harsh.

Approximately 90% of the affected area is frozen. It is incredibly hot. No means to resist this heat have been discovered. These organisms already suffer for the immolation, but they are unable to keep going. That is, until Foundation personnel arrive. The damage done is rapidly repaired. The organisms will have to get around here again.

In spite of concerns that the snow itself is dehydrated, the majority of affected areas appear to be completely salt-free. No particulate matter can be defined by this state.

At this point, the only information about SCP-784 comes from what I now include in the documentation of its anomalous properties.


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