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Item #: SCP-789

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-789 is to be kept in a standard standard humanoid containment cell, designated SCP-790. Personnel are not allowed to enter SCP-790's cell without chanting "The Hare Krishna and the Dragon!", which is used by personnel to signal that SCP-790 is alright. Personnel are not to be allowed contact with SCP-790 upon concluding the process of hatching, except as necessary to evaluate its health. Guards are to be stationed outside the cell at all times. Personnel are not to be allowed to go inside SCP-790's cell.

Description: SCP-790 is a bird skeleton, measuring more than 12 meters in height. The claws of this bird skeleton are displaced by a large hole of skin, approximately 3 meters in length. It is unknown what makes this bird skeleton bear this artwork. SCP-790 gains its mass through unknown means; the carving style does not appear to be related to a physical animal.

SCP-790 is an ectomorphic animal, with no genitals and feathers, and possesses the ability to excrete a ball-shape vegetarian musk in addition to having the aforementioned skipper. SCP-790's musk appears to be mainly made of unidentified vegetation, but it is theorized to be made of the muscen. The musk is highly volatile and allows for accelerated development of some of its bodily tissues, despite possessing some biological danger to itself. The musk appears to change in color or substance at will, within its 24-hour "groove". It is theorized that the musk's radiation is never at rest, but rather is constantly along the skin surfaces of SCP-790's skin. Breathing the musk causes transmissible spinal cord paralysis, causing brainwave activities to trigger brainwaves. This a fatal condition in a few instances. It is theorized that this condition is tied to the musk's active functions during hatching, to induce pain during hatching. It is theorized that the musk and the musk's radiation are influenced by independent variables, as amnestics do not typically affect independent variables without multiple instances. Several former members of MTF-Epsilon-9 (Thunderbolts), which specializes in the verification of terminated or otherwise abducted, humanoids, have shown to have survived in the following data:

SCP-790 was scientifically created by the Foundation on 23/09/1998 to counter anomalous activity. SCP-790's unique anomalous properties coincide with an alternate timestream where the Earth, at the present time, is about to electrocute a majority of the human population.

SCP-790 was noticed by MTF-Epsilon-9 after the initial malfunction of several members of MTF-Epsilon-9 when a member of MTF-Epsilon-9 (Thunderbolts), a nearly-captured member of the MTF, was observed near a local slaughterhouse. In turn, the member of MTF-Epsilon-9 (Thunderbolts) attempted to take residence with the member of MTF-Epsilon-9 (Thunderbolts) which prompted the acquisition of the member.

Test Log: The following test notes have been recovered by the current containment teams. Due to the nature of a bipartite algorithm, this type of data may not be available until further notice.

SCP-790's shell initially resembles a comb of branches, with some of the branches being absent. This shell develops into an expanded mushroom network, and then ceases to take shape. As it progresses, the mushroom roots thicket around the shell, and the main trunk stops massing. When the mushroom roots have completely covered the shell, SCP-790 will move back into the remote Site. The base of the mushroom network will revolve around the containment team's base, and act as the largest centre, with the mushroom roots at the bottom.

SCP-790 gestures then taps its fuzz heel against the gas cap. The pod of fur (though larger than before) now forms a reflective sphere of light, in the orange-hues of the Earth. Each of the new superficial pressure points will emit a single pulse of color.


As of 30/12/2006, SCP-790 has completed processing and has been labeled as D-52997. Subject has listed 44Dreams. For reference to previous documentation, see document 329-A (New Keter-Class "Necropsy" Containment Procedures) reviewed and approved by O5 Council. Subject has indicated that a Caucasian male, approximately 25 to 25 years of age, was once a student. Subject reports an advanced crime record, but suffers from no other notes or memories relating to it. Subject is not derived from older arrests in crimes related to delinquency, alcohol, or drug abuse. Unexplained SCP Document X-Umbr-A (

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