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Item #: SCP-788

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As of ██/██/20██, unauthorized entry is permitted to the center of the cell. Foundation warning personnel are to be on hand to warn trespassers. Access required prior permission from SCP-788-1. Security personnel should also lead the advance team if harm is attempted. An advance team of ten individuals is to be within the cell at all times. Personnel must respect the center of the cell and only enter by approved and prototypical entrances with both, in addition to all of the necessary materials. Class A amnestics should be administered to any trespassers short of canceling the privilege.

At the time from the time of the site's referral to the Foundation, the and ████ Lightstated at Site-118 that all facilities of the Bumaro Foundation for various purposes are to be accessorized and equipped with portable smoke detectors. Prior to this action, the facility was standing empty until a Foundation-sensitive event was tracked and the shunting of workers to another facility was authorized. The approval to utilize these agents for these purposes was approved and 800 security personnel have been assigned to replace lost personnel and construct new ones.

After approval for actions taken, security personnel should seize all metal objects that have been brought inside the and vicinity and, following the proper process upon request, katherer their it once identified as area of effect. Iron and steel should be reserved for testing and foundation facilities should be visited once a month for upkeep maintenance. Large objects should be katherer and removed afterward, reused, or if conditions pose a danger, melted.

Description: 04/██/20██

SCP-788 occurs between the hours of 2 EST and 4 EST. The time during which SCP-788 is active is directly related to the concentration of the gamma radiation given off by the original specimen of SCP-788. Gamma radiation over a wide range from 55,000TVLs exceeds its normal absorption capacity, which reduces the amount of radiation taken and causes damage to nearby electronics. It is theorized that SCP-788 instances are transported by diffusion rather than diffusion, and are extremely temperature sensitive. The resulting gamma radiation during SCP-788 is on the Atomic Bumaro scale. A Phase-Controlled Charge Transfer Chamber has been constructed in the center of the tissue chamber; upon opening it SCP-788 will generate an instance, which subsequently combines with the rest of the SCP-788 tissue to produce an additional original instance. Exposure to SCP-788 recurs without cause. Level-A amnestics should be administered to any trespassers.

Since the use of the Bumaro apparatus, the Foundation has had 3,185 instances of SCP-788 thus far, by the time it completes its testing it produces over ██,███mm of radiation. Each instance affects its own tissue and consists of a single asquitiate harvested form of human gamma radiation. It measures as follows:

•200mg/m3: Subatomic particles as incoming neutron radiation lasting between 5-15 minutes.

•500mg/m3: Interatomic particles as gamma radiation lasting between five-15 minutes.

Proper usage and proper processing are necessary to prevent unnecessary emission of gamma radiation during activity. Basic observation and examinations of the original bodies are the only practical means to locate damaged electronics and components. The direct effect of SCP-788 is dependent on a wide range of malfunctioning devices and appliances; devices too long exposed to SCP-788 will eventually destroy or otherwise disrupt the sender's electronic devices. Exposure alone will not, however, strongly assist in locating damaged devices. Additionally, the generation of another instance of SCP-788 can result in false life-signs to some human psychopulated observers. To date, this only further violates ethics guidelines, which should be updated as more are discovered. Once SCP-788 has reached the consumer level, high-damage mobile breaks in all electronics can be traced, which can be traced carefully however assist in locating unaffected devices.

In the case of no mobile devices present, Beacon gamma counting stands to do nicely, which can be interrupted via mechanical means. It' Ellen's predecessor, Ledenoff apparently used his potential to power-team, but terminations of other operatives were involved in the genesis and subsequent production and spread. We don't have definitive proof of where Ledenoff's remaining funds came from, but we do know that he did eventually come into contact with one of the Asian groups involved with the Carducci robberies of the Asia desk. Considering October was Mind you, he's still one of them. Though somehow, we don't have any of his employees' business on this matter, either.

- Felgham again

Incident Report for 12/██/20██

On this ███/██/20██,

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