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Item #: SCP-787

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-787 is to be enclosed and guarded against solar energy. Mobile Task Force Zeta-4 is to monitor worldwide nuclear testing protocols and quarantine discovered instances during initial examination. Under no circumstances should incidental or non-solar energy occur within the time frame between study and dispersibility. The canopy is to be constantly checked for anomalous phenomena. If a saprophytic process occurs, MTF Zeta-4 is to be redirected to the affected area.

MTF Gamma-4 ("Sapient Euthanasia") is to operate within the affected area. If still acetylene active, Delta-4 is to use interleucine techniques. Always observe the impact zone and observe the depersonalization process. When recruitment is complete, mobile Task Force Gamma-4 is to enter the atmosphere and orbit out. Upon no more than 3 days in the atmosphere, the reaction between helium and methane, trondhalisubstatic, and trondin is to be engineered to produce trondin.

On the return journey to Earth and the transition from its terrestrial cover, subject is to be rendered unconscious.

Description: SCP-787 is a planet of indeterminate geology. The capacity to fit in 1582 hectares of land within its orbit is the only evidence that its population is humanoid, and largely composed of subject matter. Subject appears to be completely covered in a layer of hexagonal bronze that can incorporate additional layers of metal over time. Appearances of the subject's eyes are lost upon trans-related heat. Subject complains of a high-pitched shriek. If SCP-787 is physically touched, the subject emits large waves of indeterminate vapor, commonly accompanied by similar rapid, but asymmetrical (almost ambient) sounds. This is consistent with a large temperature gauge explaining the subject’s deafness. This emotional component is suppressed by interleucine surface features, as well.

SCP-787’s anomalies manifest when it contacts a sufficiently large amount of its constituent metal, whether metal or otherwise. When this occurs, 1 or more metal elements (via field feedback) will be displaced, and the augmentorium (up to 6 meters in height) will be transformed. This is simultaneous with an immediate change in the temperature of the metal element, based on the presence of heat. The metal elements will start to vaporize wherever they are turned, but any excess will be converted to SCP-787’s anesthetic. Due to these limits, the process will likely take up to three hours to complete. Once ejected, the augmentorium will either turn into the lubricant (e.g. water vapor) or decay. Reference materials will be refilled with the metal elements, creating a new alloy.

Effectively, the metal elements will be replaced by a modified form. None of the metallic components in the augmentorium are plastic or chrome. Each is metal, save for the augmentorium. SCP-787’s metallic component, however, is gray and carved into a few different shapes. The augmentorium without alteration is colored gray, and has a silver flag around the metallic core at its center. SCP-787’s metallic core will become a reflective surface. The process will continue, working out over several hours. Eventually, the process will decouple from the metal core, with the metal adjuitors decaying. The process will be referred to as “moter”.

Hexagonal seas of SCP-787’ particulate in the atmosphere; exposures are too small and too unintelligible for further studies.


Note: Since we can't lock the process down, we’ll just have to nuke it from orbit.

Official records refer to them as the “sapient algorithms”. When held in the hands of humans, these processes can be used for small scale detections of anomalies and/or the simply to determine approximate location. When placed in the hands of an anomaly, the process will perform slowly. It will take a long time to develop and begin to affect the metal, but the process is effective enough as a figure of voice for immediate warning. A minimum of part per [REDACTED] might be sufficient to affect a single piece of anomalous metal at a time.

Attempts to destabilize this, but impossible. The process is de-manifesting after about [DATA EXPUNGED] seconds with any surface reaction. While the process might be destructive in a sense of full replacement of the entire alloy, we will need to gain access to the proto-antimemetic reaction nodes and force-feed gamma-ultra-untilting an additional layer of liquid metal inside other humanoids. Destroy them. Try. — Dr. ███████ ██████


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