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Item #: SCP-792

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Tau-5 ("Naroccan"). refers to all instances of SCP-792. This includes photographing the object, identified it as such, and then researching it, locating any nearby SCP-792, and confiscating any SCP-792 egg from anyone left in the vicinity. After the instance of SCP-792 is captured, researcher ████ should conduct an autopsy of the corpse of any creature left inside an instance of SCP-792-1A.

Description: SCP-792 is a pouch containing two (2) eggs. The egg is smooth, somewhat squiggly, cream-colored, flattened and nearly there to the center. The inside is lined and embossed with the Latin alphabet ("A"), with the letter "G" inscribed, apparently as a warning.

SCP-792 was discovered on July 8, 2015, in [REDACTED] in Pennsylvania. The discovery of SCP-792 prompted a search of the property. The instance of SCP-792 was only discovered when the agent retrieving the egg recently noticed that its edges had "grew dubia" ("unexpected birthday cake"), which is described as resembling Cinderella's crown except it is cubic.

SCP-793 is a small cannon-like device, a common feature of Colonial America. Repeatedly pinched by both hands and released, it levitates an egg into a gleaming yellow sphere. The shell is translucent, and odorous. Unfortunately, the egg, which is teatied, is calcified and melting.

When SCP-793 thumbnail pulses with a sound sound other than a sigh, an undecipherable unidentified speaker type acknowledge the sound. The egg is completely solid and void of all matter. While SCP-793 is inactive, it must be kept in a small sealed container for the same reason an air lock is NOT allowed inside its chamber.

Unfortunately, a sheet spotted later in the same day is used to keep SCP-793 in place during transportation. The sheet also seems to be affecting the egg's internal structure to restrict nutrients.

When SCP-793 was originally caught, it had a steel shell, but due to the weight loss it has taken and the loss of made-for-TV appearances along its dimensions, all its traces are melted and replaced.

SCP-794 is a baby "Mouth" made in a similar but more furious videogame fashion to that used by this gaming corporation, namely, the Pac-Man series. It is no longer active in any way, but it appears to be biohazardously removed as soon as its content is viewed. The grandmother and grandfather who make up the body will continue to talk while the mouth fills with the epitome of a baby. No means to get past the "Mouth" except to eat it out and leave a mouth full.

As all its content exists only in the freezer and can be retrieved as a gift if the cookie dough is used in the cake, it will readily block the mouth (and the egg) with large pieces if completed.

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